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Python client for website

Project description

ANpy: Scrape painlessly Assemblée Nationale website

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ANpy is a python library for easily scraping data from website

Forget the ugly html, just get data:

>>> from anpy.dossier import Dossier
>>> url = ''
>>> dossier = Dossier.download_and_build(url)
>>> dossier.title
'Economie : pour une République numérique'
>>> dossier.legislature
>>> r.procedure
>>> r.senat_url
>>> r.steps
[{'type': 'AN_PREMIERE_LECTURE', 'acts': [...]}]

Supported Features

ANpy currently provides the following features:

  • Amendement parsing
  • Amendement search
  • Question parsing
  • Question search
  • Dossier parsing (two differents formats)
  • Scrutin parsing

ANpy supports Python 3.5.

Install :

pip install anpy


Documentation is available at


A script anpy-cli is installed with the package, it provides the following commands :

Show an amendement given its url

anpy-cli show_amendement

Show amendements summaries after a given date

anpy-cli show_amendements_summary --start-date 2014-06-01

Print amendements order for a given id_dossier and id_examen

anpy-cli show_amendements_order 33299 --id-examen 4073

Show a question

anpy-cli show_question

Show a law project (dossier législatif)

Format is like senapy and the Open Data of

There's more work done on this parser to make it work across many cases

anpy-cli parse
        "assemblee_id": "14-sante",
        "assemblee_legislature": 14,
        "assemblee_slug": "sante",
        "beginning": "2014-10-15",
        "long_title": "Questions sociales et santé : modernisation de notre système de santé",
        "steps": [
                "date": "2014-10-15",
                "institution": "assemblee",
                "source_url": "",
                "stage": "1ère lecture",
                "step": "depot"
                "date": "2015-03-20",
                "institution": "assemblee",
                "source_url": "",
                "stage": "1ère lecture",
                "step": "commission"
                "date": "2015-04-14",
                "institution": "assemblee",
                "source_url": "",
                "stage": "1ère lecture",
                "step": "hemicycle"


  • Merging the law project across legislatures
  • Parse from Open Data when available or fallback to scraping HTML
  • Returns an array of law projects since a page can contains many law projects (ex: organic + non-organic)

You can also parse many of them by giving a list of urls:

anpy-cli doslegs_urls | anpy-cli parse_many an_doslegs/

Show a law project (with a format is similar to the AN Open Data)

This parser is still a work-in-progress

anpy-cli show_dossier
    "legislature": "14",
    "procedure": "PJL",
    "senat_url": "",
    "steps": [
            "acts": [
                    "date": "2014-10-15T00:00:00",
                    "type": "DEPOT_INITIATIVE",
                    "url": ""
                    "type": "ETUDE_IMPACT",
                    "url": ""
                    "date": "2015-03-16T00:00:00",
                    "type": "PROCEDURE_ACCELEREE"
                    "date": "2015-03-20T00:00:00",
                    "type": "DEPOT_RAPPORT",
                    "url": ""
                    "date": "2015-03-24T00:00:00",
                    "type": "TEXTE_COMMISSION",
                    "url": ""
                    "date": "2015-02-11T00:00:00",
                    "type": "DEPOT_RAPPORT",
                    "url": ""

Find all the dossier urls

anpy-cli doslegs_urls

Show a scrutin

anpy-cli show_scrutin

Running the tests

pip install -U -r test_requirements.txt
pip install -e .
pycodestyle --exclude=tests,docs .
flake8 --exclude=tests,docs .
py.test --cov=anpy

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