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Python bindings for libssh client specific to Ansible use case

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pylibssh: Python bindings to client functionality of libssh specific to Ansible use case

Nightlies @ Dumb PyPI @ GitHub Pages

We publish nightlies on tags and pushes to devel. They are hosted on a GitHub Pages based index generated by dumb-pypi.

The web view is @

$ pip install \
    --extra-index-url= \
    --pre \


You need Python 3.6+

pylibssh requires libssh to be installed in particular:

  • libssh version 0.9.0 and later.

    To install libssh refer to its Downloads page.

Building the module

In the local env, assumes there’s a libssh shared library on the system, build toolchain is present and env vars are set properly:

$ git clone
$ cd pylibssh
$ pip install tox
$ tox -e build-dists

manylinux-compatible wheels:

$ git clone
$ cd pylibssh
$ pip install tox
$ tox -e build-dists-manylinux1-x86_64  # with Docker

# or with Podman
$ DOCKER_EXECUTABLE=podman tox -e build-dists-manylinux1-x86_64

# to enable shell script debug mode use
$ tox -e build-dists-manylinux1-x86_64 -- -e DEBUG=1


This library is distributed under the terms of LGPL 2 or higher, see file LICENSE.rst in this repository.

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