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A buildout recipe to install and configure OpenERP

Project description

OpenERP buildout recipe
This recipe for `Buildout <>`_ is
a fully featured tool allowing you to define and deploy quickly
OpenERP installations of any kinds, ranging from development setups to
fully automated production deployments or continuous integration.

Some of its main features include:

* uniformity across OpenERP versions (from 5.0 onwards)
* installation of OpenERP server and, if meaningful, GTK and web clients.
* retrieval of main software and addons from various sources,
including the major version control systems
* ability to pinpoint everything for replayability
* management of OpenERP configuration
* dedicated scripts creation for easy integration of external tools,
such as test launchers
* packaging: creation of self-contained equivalents for easy
deployment in tightly controlled hosting environmenents.

All these to be considered together with zc.buildout‘s general
properties, such as an extensible configuration file format for easy
variation or separation of concerns, native Python distributions
installation, and of course the huge ecosystem of other recipes.

The `full documentation
is written with `Sphinx
<>`_, built continuously and
uploaded to by Anybox' public
The Sphinx source tree is to be found under the ``doc`` subdirectory
of this project.

The latest released version of the documentation is uploaded to PyPI
alongside with the package. See `PyPIDocumentationHosting
<>`_ for details.

Bug reports and Feedback
Please don't hesitate to give feedback and especially report bugs or
ask for new features through launchpad at this URL:

Useful links

* Code repository and bug tracker:
* PyPI page:
* Main documentation:

Contributors information

See `the latest version of the contributors documentation



* Christophe Combelles
* Georges Racinet


* Jean-Sébastien Suzanne
* Yannick Vaucher
* Jacques-Etienne Baudoux
* Laurent Mignon
* Leonardo Pistone
* Stefan Rijnhart
* Stéphane Bidoul
* Sebastian Kennedy
* Laetitia Gangloff
* Sandy Carter


The 1.9 series of anybox.recipe.openerp are stable versions, while
their counterparts are currently considered unstable.
Changes displayed as "unreleased" in the stable series are released
with any higher released unstable versions.

This is because for now anybox.recipe.openerp is considered to be
upstream of anybox.recipe.odoo, and will change in the future.

anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.1 (unreleased)
- github #7: template for ```` was missing for a.r.odoo

anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.1 (2015-01-12)
- github PR #5: ``ir_model_data`` helpers for
- github #6: fixed download URL for OpenERP 6.1-1
- github #3: [git] support HEAD as a (remote) revision
specification. In a related way, added the branch indication to SHA
pinning, which isn't deprecated any more due to wide usage, only
warned that it's suboptimal.

anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.0 (2014-12-05)
- first release, skimmed from anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.0
- rename to anybox.recipe.odoo

anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.0 (2014-12-02)
- launchpad #1332147: insensitivity to project name in
(openerp, odoo, whatever).
- launchpad #1332465: [git] support for shallow clones (--depth),
refactor to allow this consistently with detached head states,
branch changes, etc.
- launchpad #1358353: with github layout, respect ordering if the place of the
standards (non-base) addons is explicitely set as 'local' (allows to insert
overrides before them).
- launchpad #1391571 (related): revert used to fail with grouped
standalone addons
- launchpad #1391571 (related): revert used to fail if some sources
were 'local' or 'downloadable'.
- launchpad #1214832 (related): introduction of explicit 'group'
option for standalone addons.
- launchpad #1294020: vcs-revert=on-merge option, and implementation
for bzr
- launchpad #1274174: new feature for automatic merge of remote VCS
sources, with bzr support.
- launchpad #1327773: [git] support for automatic merges
- launchpad #1392913: extract-download-to completely removes the
gp.vcsdevelop extension and the bzr extra in the produced buildout
- launchpad #1232729: handling of server-wide modules by the recipe
- launchpad #1327609: support inline comments in multi-line options

1.8.6 (2014-11-17)
- launchpad #1358353: with github layout, respect ordering if the place of the
standards (non-base) addons is explicitely set as 'local' (allows to insert
overrides before them).
- launchpad #1391258: [git] clear-retry is now honoured (a last chance
in case of non updatable repos), but a 'git reset' gets tried first
to circumvent impossible fast-forwards and avoid full recloning in
these cases.
- launchpad #1208028: another case where parsing of exception while
installing egg failed. Rewrote the whole logic, with much unit-testing
- fixed URL and filenames for nightlies

1.8.5 (2014-07-29)
- gevent script generation backported to version 7.saas~3 and following
- launchpad #1343518: versions < 8 with layout of odoo on Github had severe
shadowing issues.
- launchpad #1338405: [odoo] provided necessary environments init in session
(needed for interactive session and various scripts)
- launchpad #1249566: [bzr] avoid outgoing requests in offline mode
due to lp: locations resolution
- launchpad #1244721: fixed final reporting of upgrade script with python 2.6
- launchpad #1208745: [hg] robustness about content of .hg/hgrc

1.8.4 (2014-06-16)
- launchpad #1327756: support new addons layout on github
- launchpad #1324579: [odoo] generation of gevent script (longpolling)
and have it used through the --workers option
- launchpad #1321919: [v8] fixed potential masking of standard library
by addons of the same name
- launchpad #1234014: [git] tracked branch were not properly updated
if the branch was already the current one
- launchpad #1320198: [bzr] using revids internally and in particular
in freeze/extract features
- launchpad #1320198: [bzr] forbidding change of parent location in
offline mode unless this is for a fixed revision ID (no ambiguity),
and forcing a pull in non offline mode.
- launchpad #1317269: [v8] OpenERP server can't start in a multi workers mode
- launchpad #1314566: [v8] OpenERP scripts & interpreter can't load db

1.8.3 (2014-04-19)
- launchpad #1281262: new ``openerp-log-level`` modifier in ``openerp_scripts``
- launchpad #1289761: using the proper ``zc.buildout.UserError`` in
lots of places.
- launchpad #1296178: have unparseable addons lines end up in
``UserError`` as well.
- launchpad #1229908: fixed tarball download url for the 6.0.x releases

1.8.2 (2014-02-08)
- launchpad #1275168: when freeze nightly version was not set correctly
- launchpad #1245261: new ``--init-all`` option in ``test_openerp``
and ``start_openerp`` scripts.

1.8.1 (2013-10-17)
- launchpad #1235946 (demo data): consistent behaviour and capability
to load them.
- launchpad #1239721: now session has 'is_initialization' attribute for
creation use-cases of upgrade script; using it to improve logging,
and in default upgrade script.

1.8.0 (2013-10-01)
- launchpad #1222482: upgrade toolkit and upgrade scripts generation
- launchpad #1222116: [Gunicorn] option to preload databases

1.7.4 (unreleased)
- launchpad #1246822: restored the ordering of addons_path as it was
in 1.7.0 (main addons first).

1.7.3 (2013-10-17)
- Fixed the licence in ```` and hence on PyPI page. The ZPL
indicated was contradictory with what is stated on Launchpad's
project page, and plain non applicable, since the recipe *does* import
from OpenERP.
- launchpad #1232806: custom interpreter and openerp_scripts now work
with OpenERP 6.1
- launchpad #1233606: [bzr] lightweight checkout now respects --offline

1.7.2 (2013-09-29)
- launchpad #1232724: [gunicorn] properly switching openerp to
multi-process mode
- SAAS versions now recognized, and treated as X.5
- launchpad #1228997: [v5] in some cases, start_openerp --stop-after-init was
not honoured.
- launchpad #1222562: [git] error in extract-downloads-to

1.7.1 (2013-09-07)
- launchpad #1215838: don't freeze develop / gp.vcsdevelop distributions
- launchpad #1213469: openerp scripts: support for entry point
- launchpad #1215833: preserve regular develops in extract-downloads-to
- launchpad #1215873: [git] re-buildout with revision fixed versions crashes
- launchpad #1217816: [bzr] proper update of lightweight checkouts
- launchpad #1203550: [v8] using the openerpcommand that comes now bundled
with openobject-server
- launchpad MP #182002: new 'etc-directory' option (default behaviour
- launchpad #1208028: wrong error message in case of distribution
version conflict
- launchpad #1216498: fixed python interpreter extra paths
- launchpad #1216835: [bzr] mispelling in 'lightweight-checkout' option
- launchpad #1205063: no more error if no addons are specified (might
lead to problems with the default config, though, because of server
wide modules, but that's supposed to be overridable)

1.7.0 (2013-07-26)
- launchpad #1189160: easy integration of general purpose unit test launchers
- launchpad #1201715: allow easily working in a virtualenv with extra-requires
on bzr (allows easily to work with zc.buildout 2.2 on systems providing
setuptools < 0.7 / distribute)
- launchpad #1202150: [git] proper support for remote branches
- launchpad #1200449: new flexible ``openerp_scripts``; general refactor of
script generation code.
- launchpad #1203005: vcs options not passed through (addons and main software)
- [bzr] support for lightweight checkout, with uniform 'bzr-init' option
- launchpad #1204573: [bzr] retry in two steps for some bzr branching
cases where it fails to branch directly to wished revision.
- launchpad #1128146: new option in ``freeze-to`` to disallow picked
versions, stopping not freezing of distribute.
- introduced ``vcs.base.CloneError`` with wrappers for ``check_call``
and ``check_output``.

1.6.4 (2013-07-14)
- launchpad #1200198: hg: determination whether rev spec is fixed could be wrong
- launchpad #1194887: 'clean' option for git and hg now use the native solution

1.6.3 (2013-06-23)
- launchpad #1192973: 'clean' option now based on bzr clean-tree (more
powerful, and avoids in particular removing empty dirs, which is a local
modification that prevents later on freezing)

1.6.2 (2013-06-15)
- launchpad #1189402: order of the addons_path is now deterministic
- launchpad #1189162: registry helping avoid double evaluaton of
custom addons models (helps launching unittest2 tests directly)
- launchpad #1191279: first implementation of new 'clean' option,
dealing with python object files only.

1.6.1 (2013-06-06)
- launchpad #1188402: fixed git clone init on a precise revision

1.6.0 (2013-05-30)
- launchpad #1183005: python interpreter that can bootstrap OpenERP
and open a database for interactive session or to launch a script.
- launchpad #1182589: avoid IOError if a bzr branch has no branch.conf
- launchpad #1185097, #1185100, #1185101, #1185741: advanced support
for Git (precise revision, freeze, extract) allows including Git
repositories in a full release process for tarball deployments.

1.5.5 (2013-05-20)
- launchpad #1182146: clearer user feedback and exit status code = 17
for freeze-to in case of local modifications of VCS server or addons.

1.5.4 (2013-05-14)
- launchpad #1169124: regression: offline mode not honoured with bzr

1.5.3 (2013-04-11)
- launchpad #1166788: regression with bzr "revid:" revision specifications

1.5.2 (2013-04-06)
- launchpad #1154719: freeze-to does not take the correct bzr revision number
- launchpad #1133248: "need more than 1 value to unpack" if some bzr's
branch.conf has extra content not in the key = value form
- support for bzr stacked branches for the server branch in the same
way as was already done in addons.
- launchpad #1152808: corrected parsing of options.log_handler in
gunicorn setups (introduced a constant to treat comma-separated list
options in gunicorn conf)
- launchpad #1153036: avoid pulls in case the specified revision is
a fixed one that we already have (bzr and hg only)
- launchpad #1115504: extract-downloads-to now works with bzr version
shipping with Debian squeeze

1.5.1 (27-02-2013)

- launchpad #1130590: errors with inline comments such as freeze-to produces

1.5.0 (14-02-2013)

- works with zc.buildout 2.0
- launchpad #1115503: now it's possible to apply ``extract-downloads-to``
for a buildout configuration that uses the ``revisions`` option: the
produced configuration resets ``revisions`` if needed.
- launchpad #1122015: soft requirements problem if offline on zc.buildout 2.0
- quality: now entirely flake8 compliant

1.4 (16-01-2013)

- launchpad #1093771: extraction feature of downloaded code (notably vcs)
- launchpad #1068360: new 'revisions' option to fix VCS revisions separately
- launchpad #1093474: freeze feature of revisions and versions of
python distributions
- launchpad #1084535: finer behaviour of ``with_devtools`` option:
load testing hacks only in tests launcher script
- launchpad #1095645: missing devtools loading in openerp-command
- launchpad #1096472: forbid standalone (single) local addons. A local
addon must always be a directory that has addons inside.
- launchpad #1096472: trailing slash in a standalone addon directory name
led to error.

1.3 (21-11-2012)

- launchpad #1077048: fix gunicorn startup script for OpenERP 7
- launchpad #1079819: take into account newly introduced hard
dependency to PIL in OpenERP 7
- launchpad #1055466: refactor version logic by providing major
version tuple for comparisons.
- launchpad #1081039: introduced soft requirements and made
openerp-command one of these.

1.2.2 (11-11-2012)

- Nothing but fix of changelog RST

1.2.1 (08-11-2012)

- Fixed an error in user feedback if openerp-command package is missing but

1.2 (07-11-2012)

- launchpad #1073917: separated test command (bin/test_openerp)
- launchpad #1073127: support for openerp-command
- major improvement of test coverage in server recipe
- included buildout configurations for buildbotting of the recipe in source

1.1.5 (14-10-2012)
- Improved documentation (bootstrap and sample buildouts)
- Re-enabled support for trunk nightly (and maybe 7.0 final)
- fixed a packaging problem with openerp-cron-worker in 1.1.4

1.1.3 (26-09-2012)
- launchpad #1041231: Resilience to changes of bzr locations
- launchpad #1049519: openerp-cron-worker startup script
- launchpad #1025144: By default, admin passwd is now disabled
- launchpad #1054667: Problem with current dev nightlies for OpenERP 6.2
- fixed a packaging problem with openerp-cron-worker in 1.1.2

1.0.3 (24-08-2012)
- no actual difference with 1.0 (only changelogs and the like)

1.0 (24-08-2012)
- launchpad #1040011: works with current OpenERP trunk (future 7.0)
- launchpad #1027994: 'base_url' option, to download from mirrors
- launchpad #1035978: restored 'local' version scheme for OpenERP
itself. Also implemented the 'url' version scheme.
- removed deprecated renaming of 6.1 to 6.1-1
- Refactored the documentation

0.17 (07-08-2012)
- launchpad #1033525: startup_delay option
- launchpad #1019888: Gunicorn integration.
- launchpad #1019886: installation of 'openerp' as a develop distribution, and
full python server startup script.
- launchpad #1025617: Support for nightly versions in 6.1 series
- launchpad #1025620: Support for latest version
- launchpad #1034124: Fix interference of buildout options with
gtkclient recipe
- launchpad #1021083: optional development tools loading in startup script
- launchpad #1020967: stop creating scripts by default
- launchpad #1027986: Better handling of interrupted downloads

0.16 (29-06-2012)
- launchapd #1017252: relying on Pillow to provide PIL unless PIL is
explicitely wanted.
- launchpad #1014066: lifted the prerequirement for Babel. Now the recipe
installs it if needed before inspection of OpenERP's

0.15 (14-06-2012)
- launchpad #1008931: Mercurial pull don't take URL changes into
account. Now the recipe manages the repo-local hgrc [paths]
section, updates the default paths while storing earlier values
- launchpad #1012899: Update problems with standalone vcs addons
- launchpad #1005509: Now bzr branches are stacked only if
``bzr-stacked-branches`` option is set to ``True``.

0.14.1 (17-05-2012)
- launchpad #1000352: fixed a concrete problem in Bzr reraising

0.14 (17-05-2012)
- launchpad #1000352: option vcs-clear-retry to retrieve from scratch in case
of diverged Bzr branches. Raising UpdateError in right place would trigger
the same for other VCSes.
- Basic tests for Git and Svn
- Refactor with classes of VCS package

0.13.1 (14-05-2012)
- launchpad #997107: fixed vcs-clear-locks option for bzr, that
requires a user confirmation that cannot be bypassed in older versions

0.13 (14-05-2012)
- launchpad #998404: more robust calls to hg and bzr (w/ unit tests),
and have exception raised if vcs call failed (break early, break
- launchpad #997107: vcs-clear-locks option (currently interpreted by
Bzr only)

0.12 (02-05-2012)
- launchpad #993362: addons subdir option, and made repositories being
one addon usable by creating an intermediate directory.

0.11 (18-04-2012)

- Faster tarball inspection (see lp issue #984237)
- Shared downloads and more generally configurable downloads
directory, see

0.10 (02-04-2012)

- fixed the sample buildouts in the readme file

0.9 (23-03-2012)

- Clean-up and refactoring
- Removed `url` option (download url supported through `version`)
- Support OpenERP 6.1 and 6.0
- Added an 'addons' option allowing remote repositories and local directories
- Improved error messages
- Updated the documentation
- Handle bad Babel import in
- Support offline mode of buildout
- Create gtk client config without starting it

0.8 (20-12-2011)

- handle deploying custom bzr branches

0.7 (14-09-2011)

- handle new sections in openerp config

0.6 (11-09-2011)

- Overwrite config files each time
- Make the "dsextras" error more explicit (install PyGObject and PyGTK)
- fixed some deps
- improved the doc

0.5 (10-08-2011)

- Use dotted notation to add openerp options in the generated configs

0.4 (09-08-2011)

- Added support for the web client and gtk client

0.3 (08-08-2011)

- fixed config file creation

0.2 (08-08-2011)

- Pass the trailing args to the startup script of the server

0.1 (07-08-2011)

- Initial implementation for the OpenERP server only

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