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A generic interface wrapping multiple backends to provide a consistent pubsub API.

Project description

A generic interface wrapping multiple backends to provide a consistent pubsub API.


Create a pubsub object:

from anypubsub import create_pubsub
pubsub = create_pubsub('memory')

or create a pubsub object from settings:

from anypubsub import create_pubsub_from_settings
pubsub = create_pubsub_from_settings({'anypubsub.backend': 'memory'}, prefix='anypubsub.')

Subscribe to a channel:

subscriber = pubsub.subscribe('a_channel')

you can also subscribe to multiple channels:

subscriber = pubsub.subscribe('a_channel', 'b_channel')

the subscriber is an iterator object that returns the next published message at each loop increment, and blocks until next message is published.

Publish a message to a channel:

pubsub.publish('a_channel', 'hello world!')

message = next(subscriber)
assert message == 'hello world!'

Supported backends

  • memory

  • redis

  • mongodb

  • amqp (tested with rabbitmq)

Backend specific optional settings


host: hostname or full redis url, default: localhost
port: default 6379
db: default 0
max_connections: connection pool max connections
connection_pool: an already created redis-py ConnectionPool


host: hostname or full mongodb url
port: mongodb port
max-pool-size: connection pool max connections
client: an already created pymongo MongoClient
database: database used to store messages, default anypubsub
collection: collection used to store messages, default anyps_messages
collection_size: messages collection size in bytes, default 10MB

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anypubsub-0.6.tar.gz (6.0 kB view hashes)

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anypubsub-0.6-py2.py3-none-any.whl (11.7 kB view hashes)

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