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AOSONG Sensors.

Project description

# AOSONG Sensors

Python package that provides support for AOSONG Sensor.

This package and it's modules have been organized to support additional AOSONG
sensors. It currently only supports the [AM2315 Temperature and Humidity
Sensor]( Additional sensors are
encouraged and welcomed. Please submit a Pull Request.

The original author of this library was
[Sopwith]( This repository was originally forked
from the code provided by the author on [their
blog]( The purpose of the repository is
to provide a pythonic library that can be installed with `pip` and `setuptools`.

## Requirements

* Python 3
* [Quick2wire Python API](

## Installation

### Recommended
pip install --process-dependency-links aosong

### Manual
`python install`

## Usage

>>> from aosong import am2315
>>> sensor = am2315.Sensor()
>>> sensor.temperature()
>>> sensor.celsius()
>>> sensor.fahrenheit()
>>> sensor.temperature(True)
>>> sensor.humidity()
(70.0, 19.1, 66.3)


### returns a tuple containing three values.

`(41.8, 23.5, 74.3)`

The first value is the current relative humidity
The second value is the current temperature in Celsius.
The third value is the current temperature in Fahrenheit.

### Sensor.temperature()

Sensor.temperature() returns the current temperature in Celsius.

If you want the current temperature returned in Fahrenheit pass True as a parameter.


## Test script: is a unittest script you should run to ensure your sensor
is wired correctly. If it is, you should see the below test results.

`python test`

## Support and Contribution

Pull requests and Issues are welcome!

Otherwise, please feel free to report bugs, comments, enhancement requests to:

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