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Backport provider package apache-airflow-backport-providers-apache-hive for Apache Airflow

Project description

Package apache-airflow-backport-providers-apache-hive

Release: 2021.3.3

Table of contents

Backport package

This is a backport providers package for apache.hive provider. All classes for this provider package are in airflow.providers.apache.hive python package.

Only Python 3.6+ is supported for this backport package.

While Airflow 1.10.* continues to support Python 2.7+ - you need to upgrade python to 3.6+ if you want to use this backport package.

Release 2021.3.3

Bug fixes

  • Corrections in docs and tools after releasing provider RCs (#14082)

Release 2021.2.5

Bug fixes

  • Remove password if in LDAP or CUSTOM mode HiveServer2Hook (#11767)


You can install this package on top of an existing airflow 1.10.* installation via pip install apache-airflow-backport-providers-apache-hive

PIP requirements

PIP package Version required
hmsclient >=0.1.0
pyhive[hive] >=0.6.0
thrift >=0.9.2

Cross provider package dependencies

Those are dependencies that might be needed in order to use all the features of the package. You need to install the specified backport providers package in order to use them.

You can install such cross-provider dependencies when installing from PyPI. For example:

pip install apache-airflow-backport-providers-apache-hive[amazon]
Dependent package Extra
apache-airflow-backport-providers-amazon amazon
apache-airflow-backport-providers-microsoft-mssql microsoft.mssql
apache-airflow-backport-providers-mysql mysql
apache-airflow-backport-providers-presto presto
apache-airflow-backport-providers-samba samba
apache-airflow-backport-providers-vertica vertica

Provider classes summary

In Airflow 2.0, all operators, transfers, hooks, sensors, secrets for the apache.hive provider are in the airflow.providers.apache.hive package. You can read more about the naming conventions used in Naming conventions for provider packages


Moved operators

Airflow 2.0 operators: airflow.providers.apache.hive package Airflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)
operators.hive.HiveOperator operators.hive_operator.HiveOperator
operators.hive_stats.HiveStatsCollectionOperator operators.hive_stats_operator.HiveStatsCollectionOperator

Transfer operators

Moved transfer operators

Airflow 2.0 transfers: airflow.providers.apache.hive package Airflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)
transfers.hive_to_mysql.HiveToMySqlOperator operators.hive_to_mysql.HiveToMySqlTransfer
transfers.hive_to_samba.HiveToSambaOperator operators.hive_to_samba_operator.HiveToSambaOperator
transfers.mssql_to_hive.MsSqlToHiveOperator operators.mssql_to_hive.MsSqlToHiveTransfer
transfers.mysql_to_hive.MySqlToHiveOperator operators.mysql_to_hive.MySqlToHiveTransfer
transfers.s3_to_hive.S3ToHiveOperator operators.s3_to_hive_operator.S3ToHiveTransfer
transfers.vertica_to_hive.VerticaToHiveOperator contrib.operators.vertica_to_hive.VerticaToHiveTransfer


Moved sensors

Airflow 2.0 sensors: airflow.providers.apache.hive package Airflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)
sensors.hive_partition.HivePartitionSensor sensors.hive_partition_sensor.HivePartitionSensor
sensors.metastore_partition.MetastorePartitionSensor sensors.metastore_partition_sensor.MetastorePartitionSensor
sensors.named_hive_partition.NamedHivePartitionSensor sensors.named_hive_partition_sensor.NamedHivePartitionSensor


Moved hooks

Airflow 2.0 hooks: airflow.providers.apache.hive package Airflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)
hooks.hive.HiveCliHook hooks.hive_hooks.HiveCliHook
hooks.hive.HiveMetastoreHook hooks.hive_hooks.HiveMetastoreHook
hooks.hive.HiveServer2Hook hooks.hive_hooks.HiveServer2Hook


Release 2021.3.3

Commit Committed Subject
10343ec29 2021-02-05 Corrections in docs and tools after releasing provider RCs (#14082)

Release 2021.2.5

Commit Committed Subject
88bdcfa0d 2021-02-04 Prepare to release a new wave of providers. (#14013)
ac2f72c98 2021-02-01 Implement provider versioning tools (#13767)
a9ac2b040 2021-01-23 Switch to f-strings using flynt. (#13732)
5f81fc73c 2021-01-03 Fix: Remove password if in LDAP or CUSTOM mode HiveServer2Hook (#11767)
4f494d4d9 2021-01-03 Fix few typos (#13450)
295d66f91 2020-12-30 Fix Grammar in PIP warning (#13380)
6cf76d7ac 2020-12-18 Fix typo in pip upgrade command :( (#13148)
5090fb0c8 2020-12-15 Add script to generate integrations.json (#13073)
32971a1a2 2020-12-09 Updates providers versions to 1.0.0 (#12955)
a075b6df9 2020-12-09 Rename remaining Sensors to match AIP-21 (#12927)
b40dffa08 2020-12-08 Rename remaing modules to match AIP-21 (#12917)
9b39f2478 2020-12-08 Add support for dynamic connection form fields per provider (#12558)
2037303ee 2020-11-29 Adds support for Connection/Hook discovery from providers (#12466)
c34ef853c 2020-11-20 Separate out documentation building per provider (#12444)
008035450 2020-11-18 Update provider READMEs for 1.0.0b2 batch release (#12449)
ae7cb4a1e 2020-11-17 Update wrong commit hash in backport provider changes (#12390)
6889a333c 2020-11-15 Improvements for operators and hooks ref docs (#12366)
7825e8f59 2020-11-13 Docs installation improvements (#12304)
250436d96 2020-11-10 Fix spelling in Python files (#12230)
502ba309e 2020-11-10 Enable Markdownlint rule - MD022/blanks-around-headings (#12225)
85a18e13d 2020-11-09 Point at pypi project pages for cross-dependency of provider packages (#12212)
59eb5de78 2020-11-09 Update provider READMEs for up-coming 1.0.0beta1 releases (#12206)
b2a28d159 2020-11-09 Moves provider packages scripts to dev (#12082)
41bf172c1 2020-11-04 Simplify string expressions (#12093)
4e8f9cc8d 2020-11-03 Enable Black - Python Auto Formmatter (#9550)
8c42cf1b0 2020-11-03 Use PyUpgrade to use Python 3.6 features (#11447)
5a439e84e 2020-10-26 Prepare providers release 0.0.2a1 (#11855)

Release 2020.10.29

Commit Committed Subject
b680bbc0b 2020-10-24 Generated backport providers readmes/setup for 2020.10.29
349b0811c 2020-10-20 Add D200 pydocstyle check (#11688)
16e712971 2020-10-13 Added support for provider packages for Airflow 2.0 (#11487)
0a0e1af80 2020-10-03 Fix Broken Markdown links in Providers README TOC (#11249)

Release 2020.10.5

Commit Committed Subject
ca4238eb4 2020-10-02 Fixed month in backport packages to October (#11242)
5220e4c38 2020-10-02 Prepare Backport release 2020.09.07 (#11238)
e3f96ce7a 2020-09-24 Fix incorrect Usage of Optional[bool] (#11138)
f3e87c503 2020-09-22 Add D202 pydocstyle check (#11032)
9549274d1 2020-09-09 Upgrade black to 20.8b1 (#10818)
ac943c9e1 2020-09-08 [AIRFLOW-3964][AIP-17] Consolidate and de-dup sensor tasks using Smart Sensor (#5499)
fdd9b6f65 2020-08-25 Enable Black on Providers Packages (#10543)
d76026545 2020-08-25 PyDocStyle: No whitespaces allowed surrounding docstring text (#10533)
3696c34c2 2020-08-24 Fix typo in the word "release" (#10528)
ee7ca128a 2020-08-22 Fix broken Markdown refernces in Providers README (#10483)
27339a5a0 2020-08-22 Remove mentions of Airflow Gitter (#10460)
7c206a82a 2020-08-22 Replace assigment with Augmented assignment (#10468)
8f8db8959 2020-08-12 DbApiHook: Support kwargs in get_pandas_df (#9730)
b43f90abf 2020-08-09 Fix various typos in the repo (#10263)
3b3287d7a 2020-08-05 Enforce keyword only arguments on apache operators (#10170)
7d24b088c 2020-07-25 Stop using start_date in default_args in example_dags (2) (#9985)
33f0cd265 2020-07-22 apply_default keeps the function signature for mypy (#9784)
c2db0dfeb 2020-07-22 More strict rules in mypy (#9705) (#9906)
5013fda8f 2020-07-20 Add drop_partition functionality for HiveMetastoreHook (#9472)
4d74ac211 2020-07-19 Increase typing for Apache and http provider package (#9729)
44d4ae809 2020-07-06 Upgrade to latest pre-commit checks (#9686)
e13a14c87 2020-06-21 Enable & Fix Whitespace related PyDocStyle Checks (#9458)
d0e7db402 2020-06-19 Fixed release number for fresh release (#9408)

Release 2020.6.24

Commit Committed Subject
12af6a080 2020-06-19 Final cleanup for 2020.6.23rc1 release preparation (#9404)
c7e5bce57 2020-06-19 Prepare backport release candidate for 2020.6.23rc1 (#9370)
f6bd817a3 2020-06-16 Introduce 'transfers' packages (#9320)
c78e2a5fe 2020-06-16 Make hive macros py3 compatible (#8598)
6350fd6eb 2020-06-08 Don't use the term "whitelist" - language matters (#9174)
10796cb7c 2020-06-03 Remove Hive/Hadoop/Java dependency from unit tests (#9029)
0b0e4f7a4 2020-05-26 Preparing for RC3 release of backports (#9026)
00642a46d 2020-05-26 Fixed name of 20 remaining wrongly named operators. (#8994)
cdb3f2545 2020-05-26 All classes in backport providers are now importable in Airflow 1.10 (#8991)
375d1ca22 2020-05-19 Release candidate 2 for backport packages 2020.05.20 (#8898)
12c5e5d8a 2020-05-17 Prepare release candidate for backport packages (#8891)
f3521fb0e 2020-05-16 Regenerate readme files for backport package release (#8886)
92585ca4c 2020-05-15 Added automated release notes generation for backport operators (#8807)
93ea05880 2020-04-21 [AIRFLOW-7059] pass hive_conf to get_pandas_df in HiveServer2Hook (#8380)
87969a350 2020-04-09 [AIRFLOW-6515] Change Log Levels from Info/Warn to Error (#8170)
cb0bf4a14 2020-03-30 Remove sql like function in base_hook (#7901)
4bde99f13 2020-03-23 Make airflow/providers pylint compatible (#7802)
7e6372a68 2020-03-23 Add call to Super call in apache providers (#7820)
3320e432a 2020-02-24 [AIRFLOW-6817] Lazy-load airflow.DAG to keep user-facing API untouched (#7517)
4d03e33c1 2020-02-22 [AIRFLOW-6817] remove imports from airflow/, replaced implicit imports with explicit imports, added entry to UPDATING.MD - squashed/rebased (#7456)
f3ad5cf61 2020-02-03 [AIRFLOW-4681] Make sensors module pylint compatible (#7309)
97a429f9d 2020-02-02 [AIRFLOW-6714] Remove magic comments about UTF-8 (#7338)
83c037873 2020-01-30 [AIRFLOW-6674] Move example_dags in accordance with AIP-21 (#7287)
057f3ae3a 2020-01-29 [AIRFLOW-6670][depends on AIRFLOW-6669] Move contrib operators to providers package (#7286)
059eda05f 2020-01-21 [AIRFLOW-6610] Move software classes to providers package (#7231)
0481b9a95 2020-01-12 [AIRFLOW-6539][AIP-21] Move Apache classes to providers.apache package (#7142)

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