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BigData system of sound effects, remixes and sound collections

Project description

About the project

APICultor born to realize interdisciplinary performances based on sounds of the web platform The system is also useful to use with any other sound database on the internet or even running it locally.

The sound is processed digitally using different live-coding techniques. A pre-analysis based on Music Information Retrieval (MIR) stored in a database and accessed via a web-service REST API is combined with real-time processing and synthesis, random processes and human control via external interfaces.

Examples available with SuperCollider, Pyo and pure data.

Spanish version:


  • 2018
    • Migration to Python3 and install thanks to MarsCrop!
    • MusicEmotionMachine by MarsCrop (in development)
    • Cloud Instrument ready to play with an external controller, running in a dedicated device like Raspberry Pi or Bela Platform
  • 2017:
    • SuperCollider patch to play in realtime using sounds from public repositories (databases on the web). Realtime synthesis, wav retrieving using MIR descriptors, OSC & MIDI communication between process and controllers.
  • 2016: First demos (extracting MIR features, database build, MIR State Machine, etc)


See Development Guidelines.


Free Software shared with GPL v3, see LICENSE.

Cloud Instrument

Using a desktop computer, a Raspberry pi or bela platform.

See cloud_instrument/

Interactive DEMO: Cloud Instrument. Interactive demo retrieving sounds from the Cloud using MIR descriptors and processing them in realtime (using raspicultor aka raspberry pi + apicultor).


Open Stage Control User Interface

Custom MIDI Controller design

Yaeltex custom MIDI controllers

With a SuperCollider synthesizer/effects processor running in a Raspberry pi, plus an external sound card for high fidelity.


Sonidos Mutantes

Interdisciplinary performances based on sounds of the web platform

Proofs of concept:


  • Mock web service with API REST to provide audio samples using MIR descriptors as parameters
  • State machine, with each state defined by several MIR descriptors.
  • Interaction with the free internet sound database
  • Webscrapping by tag
  • Algorithms MIR to extract mean values or by frame of audio samples
  • Segmentation algorithms using different criteria.
  • Classify algorithms and clustering of samples of the sound database
  • Server OSC
  • Examples in Supercollider, pyo
  • Examples with MIDI and OSC controller. Locale and remote.


Tested under Linux, Mac OS (>10.11) and Windows 10.

Debian, Ubuntu 15.04 and 16.04 (and .10). And Docker images. Raspian @ Raspberry Pi


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