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The official python client of ApiFlash, website screenshot API.

Project description

ApiFlash Python Client

Easily capture website screenshots using the ApiFlash website screenshot API.

Signup at to get your API key.


pip install apiflash




access_key Your personal access key to use the API. You can find it in your dashboard.
url The URL of the website you want to request a snapshot from. The protocol (http:// or https://) must be specified for the URL to be valid.
ttl 86400 The number of seconds the screenshot should be kept in cache. When a screenshot is served from cache, the API call doesn't count in your monthly credit. From 0 to 2592000 (30 days) seconds.
fresh False Return a fresh new screenshot instead of the eventually cached one.
full_page False Set this to true if you want to capture the full height of the target website.
scroll_page False Set this to true if you want the page to be scrolled through to trigger animations or lazy loaded elements.
width 1920 Width of the viewport to use.
height 1080 Height of the viewport to use. This will be ignored if full_page is set to true.
delay 0 Delay, after the pageload event is fired, to wait before taking the screenshot. From 0 to 10 seconds. Most websites are fully loaded after the pageload event so this parameter is not needed most of the time.
format jpeg The format of the returned screenshot. One of jpeg and png.
response_type image The type of response to return. Can be either image or json.
  • If the response type is image, the binary data of the screenshot is returned with the appropriate Content-Type and Content-Length headers.
  • If the response type is json, the response is a json document. formatted as follows:
        "url": "https://url_of_screenshot_image...",
        "extracted_html": "https://url_of_extracted_html_here..."
quality 80 The quality of the image between 0 and 100. This only works with the jpeg format.
transparent False Hides the default background and allows capturing screenshots with transparency. This only works with the png format.
css An additional CSS string to be injected into the page before capturing. The CSS string might need to be URL encoded to be processed correctly.
js Additional JavaScript code to be injected into the page before capturing. For security reasons, this feature is disabled by default for all accounts. If you need it, please let us know. The JS string might need to be URL encoded to be processed correctly.
extract_html False Extract the HTML of the page at the same time the screenshot is made. This only works when the response_type parameter is set to json. When this parameter is set to true, an extracted_html attribute is added to the returned json document.
accept_language Sets an Accept-Language header on requests to the target URL allowing you to make screenshots of a website with a specific language.
user_agent Sets the User-Agent header to emulate a particular client when making screenshots.
location A country location to use when emulating geo-location. ISO alpha-2 and ISO alpha-3 country codes are supported.
latitude The latitude to use when emulating geo-location between -90 and 90.
longitude The longitude to use when emulating geo-location between -180 and 180.
accuracy 0 Accuracy value to use when emulating geo-location.
fail_on_status A comma separated list of HTTP status codes that should make the API call fail instead of returning a screenshot. Hyphen separated HTTP status codes can be used to define ranges. For example 400,404,500-511 would make the API call fail if the URL returns 400, 404 or any status code between 500 and 511.

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