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This package allows integration with Applause Inc. services.

Project description

Applause Tool

Applause Tool is a command line package aimed at making it easy to connect various continuous integration platforms with Applause Inc. services.




Applause Tool requires Python2.6+ interpreter to be installed on your machine. If you are using Linux/Unix/MacOSX system this prerequisit is already met. Please consult your platform specific Python installation scripts for more info.


Python 2.7.11 and later (on the python2 series), and Python 3.4 and later include pip by default, so you may have pip already. If not please consult this page for a ready to use recipe to install it on your local machine:


To install applause-tool, run:

$ pip install applause-tool

To verify your installation please run the following command in your terminal:

$ applause-tool --version


To update applause-tool, run:

$ pip install applause-tool --upgrade



Before running product specific commands you need to log in with your Applause Account. In case you don’t have one please consult you Applause project manager.

During the process you will be asked to provide your username and password. You can choose to store the password in your home directory by using the –store-password flag (or just -s). If you don’t, the requested OAuth token stored in your home directory will only allow you to access Applause services for 2 weeks and it will not renew itself automatically. You will be asked to log in again after it expires.

You can also choose to provide the username and password in environment variables APPLAUSE_USER and APPLAUSE_PASSWORD. Please note that using the –store-password flag should be used with caution, as the password is kept in an unencrypted way. If you’re concerned with the security of your password and still want to use our tool e.g. in Continuous Integration scenarios, we advise to pass the credentials via environment variables.

If you don’t pass the credentials in any of the aforementioned ways, you will be prompted for them.

$ export APPLAUSE_USERNAME=<user>
$ export APPLAUSE_PASSWORD=<password>
$ applause-tool login
# OR
$ applause-tool login -u username -p password
# OR
$ applause-tool login -u username -p password --store-password
# OR
$ applause-tool login -u username -p password -s
# OR
$ applause-tool login --store-password


If you wish to remove the Applause Tool from your OS please make sure to log out from you existing session. You can do that by typing:

$ applause-tool logout


At any point in time you can check who is the actively logged in user by running:

$ applause-tool account

Applause SDK

In order to upload & distribute your build please run the following command in your terminal:

$ applause-tool sdk distribute COMPANY_ID APP_ID /path/to/build [-e -c "New Release"]
  • COMPANY_ID - ID of the company you created in the Applause SDK service.
  • APP_ID - ID of the application to which you wish to upload your builds to.
  • PATH - A full path to the build you wish to upload
  • (Optional) -e - emails to which you wish to distribute your build to. Please make sure to repeat this option for each email you wish to add.
  • (Optional) -c - changelog to attach to the build file in Applause SDK. This operation will add more information on the build OTA (over-the-air) installation page connected to the distribution email.

Example 1

Simple distribution with email list & changelog comming directly from the command line:

$ applause-tool sdk distribute 3 133 test_files/Test.ipa -e -c "Fresh new release, straight from the oven"

Example 2

Applause Tool allows you to provide both email & changelog information directly from locally created files. In order to instruct Applause Tool to do so please add ‘@’ sign at the start of the parameter value. For example:

$ applause-tool sdk distribute 3 133 test_files/Test.ipa -e @/Users/john/files/AppDistributionList.txt -c "Fresh new release, straight from the oven"

Where the content of AppDistributionList.txt is as follows:

Please note that emails are separated out with new line characters.

Note You can obtain both COMPANY_ID and APP_ID values from you product specific URL address. The URL scheme is:
$ applause-tool sdk distribute COMPANY_ID APP_ID /path/to/build [-e -c @/home/user/builds/1.0/release-notes.txt]

Applause BETA

Uploading build to Applause Mobile BETA Management is supported. Optionally changelog can be attached.


Uploading build:

applause-tool beta upload 22 ~/my_apps/ExampleApp.ipa [-c @/home/user/builds/1.0/release-notes.txt]

Distribution via Applause Mobile BETA Management is supported.


Distributing build using just app_id :

applause-tool beta distribute 2344 ~/my_apps/ExampleApp.ipa -g my_release_group

Applause AIS

Injects Applause SDK and a specific configuration to a iOS/Android mobile build. Only MBM service integration is supported for now.


applause-tool ais instrument ~/my_apps/ExampleApp.ipa --customer-key ABC -k XYZ -o ~/output/path/ExampleAppInstrumented.ipa

Distribution via Applause Mobile BETA Management is supported.

  • ~/my_apps/ExampleApp.ipa - A full path to the build you wish to process
  • customer-key - Access key for AIS service. Please reach out to applause customer support to get one.
  • -k - APP KEY assigned to your SDK/MBM product (please see the settings section of your product for more info)
  • -o - (Optional) name of the output file. Default: instrumented-{timestamp}.{fmt}.

Jenkins Integration

To integrate Applause Tool with Jenkins:

  • Make sure that you have Python2.6+ and applause-tool installed on your job worker nodes
  • We strongly recommend putting username and password for applause-tool logging in environment variables in worker node configuration
  • Add an Execute shell build step in which you can invoke applause-tool as an ordinary shell command, like below:
applause-tool login -u ${APPLAUSE_USER} -p ${APPLAUSE_PASSWORD} -s
applause-tool sdk distribute ...

Known issues

InsecurePlatformWarning: A true SSLContext object is not available.

This has been widely discussed here: We strongly recommend upgrading your Python version to 2.7.9 or higher.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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