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Draw objects and run programs in the ARENA using Python!

Project description


Draw objects and run programs in the ARENA using Python!


The ARENA Python library user guide and tutorials: ARENA Documentation: Python.


Install package using pip (

pip3 install arena-py

Hello ARENA Example Program

Run the example:

cd examples

from arena import *

scene = Scene(host="", scene="example")

def make_box():


arena-py Library

The above is the simplest example of an ARENA Python program. This library sits above the ARENA pub/sub MQTT message protocol: JSON messages described in more detail at which runs in a browser. That forms a layer, in turn, on top of A-Frame and THREE.js javascript libraries.


We have added protection to the ARENA MQTT broker to limit access to change your scenes, which requires Python programs to supply authentication through a Google account.

Desktop OS

If you have a web browser available, the arena-py library Scene(host="") will launch a web browser the first time and ask you for an account to authenticate you with, before opening a client MQTT connection.

Server/Headless OS

For headless environments, the arena-py library Scene(host="") will provide you with a url to cut and paste in a browser anywhere, ask you for an account to authenticate you with, and show you a code you can enter on the command line, before opening a client MQTT connection.


Some helper script aliases have been added in this library to help you manage authentication and quick command-line (CLI) publish and subscribe to the ARENA.



Show Permissions


CLI Subscribe to Scene Messages

arena-py-sub -mh -s example

CLI Subscribe to Custom Topic

arena-py-sub -mh -t realm/g/a

CLI Publish a Scene Object Message

arena-py-pub -mh -s example -m '{"object_id": "gltf-model_Earth", "action": "create", "type": "object", "data": {"object_type": "gltf-model", "position": {"x":0, "y": 0.1, "z": 0}, "url": "store/models/Earth.glb", "scale": {"x": 5, "y": 5, "z": 5}}}'

CLI Help

arena-py-pub --help
arena-py-sub --help


Changelog can be found here.

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