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Common interface of tons protocals, used for monitoring tools, like nagios/icinga...

Project description



[Deprecated] As nagios is too old, this project is deprecated.

Please Move to another project [super-devops].

Arguspy is pure python code.

It’s a API packge for monitoring plugins, like Nagios, Icinga, Naemon, Shinken, Centreon, Opsview and Sensu.


How to install

Use pip to install:

$ pip install super_devops
$ pip install arguspy

How to use

Just import what protocol you need:

from arguspy.ftp_ftplib import Ftp
from arguspy.http_requests import Http
from arguspy.mssql_pymssql import Mssql
from arguspy.mysql_pymysql import Mysql
from arguspy.ssh_paramiko import Ssh
from arguspy.winrm_pywinrm import WinRM
from arguspy.wmi_sh import Wmi
from arguspy.wmi_subprocess import Wmi

Then write your own function monitoring class:

class YourClass(Ftp/Mssql/Ssh/WinRM/Wmi/Http/Snmp/...):
    def __init__(self):
        super(YourClass, self).__init__()
        self.logger.debug("Init YourClass.")

    def define_sub_options(self):
        super(YourClass, self).define_sub_options()
        self.your_parser = self.subparsers.add_parser(...)

    def your_handle(self):
        """Put your function monitoring code here."""
        # Default status is ok.
        status = self.ok

        # Call the API and get the monitoring data.
        # Read the document or check the API on python/ipython Interactive console.
        # help(Ftp/...)
        # dir(Ftp/...)

        #  Compare with the warning and critical value and change the status.

        self.shortoutput = "..."

        self.logger.debug("Return status and output.")

If you put more than one function monitoring class in one file(Not recommend):

class Register(YourClass1, YourClass2, ...):
    def __init__(self):
        super(Register, self).__init__()

Last step:

def main():
    plugin = Register()
    if plugin.args.option == 'action':
    elif ...:
        plugin.unknown("Unknown actions.")

if __name__ == "__main__":

How to extends

Check the TODO list, you can give test examples or documents.

Also you can pull request for your code.


  • Write unit tests in tests/

  • Write docs in docs/

  • Write examples in examples/

  • Compatible with Python3

  • vSphere monitoring

  • LDAP monitoring

  • SNMP monitoring







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