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Declarative Data Production

Artigraph is a tool to improve the authorship, management, and quality of data. It emphasizes that the core deliverable of a data pipeline or workflow is the data, not the tasks.

Artigraph is hosted by the LF AI and Data Foundation as a Sandbox project.


Artigraph can be installed from PyPI on python 3.9+ with pip install arti.


This sample from the spend example highlights computing the total amount spent from a series of purchase transactions:

from pathlib import Path
from typing import Annotated

from arti import Annotation, Artifact, Graph, producer
from arti.formats.json import JSON
from import LocalFile
from arti.types import Collection, Date, Float64, Int64, Struct
from arti.versions import SemVer

DIR = Path(__file__).parent

class Vendor(Annotation):
    name: str

class Transactions(Artifact):
    """Transactions partitioned by day."""

    type = Collection(
        element=Struct(fields={"id": Int64(), "date": Date(), "amount": Float64()}),

class TotalSpend(Artifact):
    """Aggregate spend over all time."""

    type = Float64()
    format = JSON()
    storage = LocalFile()

@producer(version=SemVer(major=1, minor=0, patch=0))
def aggregate_transactions(
    transactions: Annotated[list[dict], Transactions]
) -> Annotated[float, TotalSpend]:
    return sum(txn["amount"] for txn in transactions)

with Graph(name="test-graph") as g:
    g.artifacts.vendor.transactions = Transactions(
        storage=LocalFile(path=str(DIR / "transactions" / "{date.iso}.json")),
    g.artifacts.spend = aggregate_transactions(

The full example can be run easily with docker run --rm artigraph/example-spend:

INFO:root:Writing mock Transactions data:
INFO:root:      /usr/src/app/transactions/2021-10-01.json: [{'id': 1, 'amount': 9.95}, {'id': 2, 'amount': 7.5}]
INFO:root:      /usr/src/app/transactions/2021-10-02.json: [{'id': 3, 'amount': 5.0}, {'id': 4, 'amount': 12.0}, {'id': 4, 'amount': 7.55}]
INFO:root:Building aggregate_transactions(transactions=Transactions(format=JSON(), storage=LocalFile(path='/usr/src/app/transactions/{date.iso}.json'), annotations=(Vendor(name='Acme'),)))...
INFO:root:Build finished.
INFO:root:Final Spend data:
INFO:root:      /tmp/test-graph/spend/7564053533177891797/spend.json: 42.0


Everyone is welcome to join the community - learn more in out support and contributing pages!


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