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An asynchronous wrapper around Stripe's official python library.

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An asynchronous wrapper around Stripe's official python library.

How it works

async-stripe monkey-patches the stripe library and replaces the synchronous http request methods with asynchronous methods.

Monkey-patching allows us to avoid a complete rewrite and keep the usage api similar to the official library.

This doesn't use threads, but actual async coroutines and non-blocking http client to make requests. Hence, the performance is much better than other wrapper libraries which use threading.


Install requires Python 3.6 or newer.

$ pip install async-stripe


The usage api is similar to Stripe's official library:

from async_stripe import stripe

stripe.api_key = '<stripe-secret-key>'

payment_intent = await stripe.PaymentIntent.create(amount=1000, currency='usd')


/!\ Note: Since this library monkey-patches the actual stripe library, you should avoid using the two in the same process.

Once you import async_stripe, the official stripe library gets patched with async methods and the original synchronous api won't be available.


Please see stripe-python's README file for configuring logging and other things.

Unsupported configurations:

async-stripe aims to be a drop-in async replacement for stripe. However, there are a few things which are not yet supported:

  • Custom http client: Currently, it's not possible to configure a custom http client and Tornado's AsyncHTTPClient will be used by default.
  • Proxy: Connecting to api via a proxy is not supported yet.

Development and Testing

When adding new features and monkey-patches, please add relevant tests and ensure that all the tests also pass.

In most cases, you shouldn't need to write the tests yourself: you can just copy-paste the tests form the original stripe library and change the synchronous methods to asynchronous methods.

For testing, first, install and run the stripe-mock api server.

Next, install pytest, pytest-mock and pytest-asyncio python packages in your virtualenv.

Finally, run the tests like this:

$ pytest tests

# or run a specific test
$ pytest tests/api_resources/
$ pytest tests/api_resources/


A lot of the code (especially tests) are copied with slight modifications from Stripe's official library. That code is licensed under MIT License.

Rest of the original code is licensed under BSD-3-Clause License.

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