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Low-level asynchronous communication layer for Async PRAW 7+.

Project description

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asyncprawcore is a low-level communication layer for PRAW 4+.


Install asyncprawcore using pip via:

pip install asyncprawcore

Execution Example

The following example demonstrates how to use asyncprawcore to obtain the list of trophies for a given user using the script-app type. This example assumes you have the environment variables asyncprawcore_CLIENT_ID and asyncprawcore_CLIENT_SECRET set to the appropriate values for your application.

import os
import pprint
import asyncio
import asyncprawcore

async def main():
    authenticator = asyncprawcore.TrustedAuthenticator(
    authorizer = asyncprawcore.ReadOnlyAuthorizer(authenticator)
    await authorizer.refresh()

    async with asyncprawcore.session(authorizer) as session:
        pprint.pprint(await session.request("GET", "/api/v1/user/bboe/trophies"))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

Save the above as and then execute via:


Additional examples can be found at:

Depending on asyncprawcore

asyncprawcore follows semantic versioning with the exception that deprecations will not be preceded by a minor release. In essence, expect only major versions to introduce breaking changes to asyncprawcore’s public interface. As a result, if you depend on asyncprawcore then it is a good idea to specify not only the minimum version of asyncprawcore your package requires, but to also limit the major version.

Below are two examples of how you may want to specify your asyncprawcore dependency:

setup(..., install_requires=["asyncprawcore >=0.1, <1"], ...)


asyncprawcore >=1.5.1, <2

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