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libprotobuf-mutator bindings for Python using Atheris.

Project description

Libprotobuf-mutator: Python bindings for Atheris

Structure-aware Fuzzing with Protocol Buffers

Atheris supports custom mutators (as offered by LibFuzzer) to produce grammar-aware inputs.

Protocol buffers are an example of structured types that are hard to fuzz with generic mutation-based fuzzers. Libprotobuf-mutator bindings for Atheris allow to generate protocol buffer inputs for your fuzzing targets using custom mutators.

Apart from fuzzing targets that take protocol buffers as input, it's also possible to use protocol buffers as an intermediate representation for fuzzing complex input types. See the docs on using Protocol Buffers As Intermediate Format for fuzzing.

Getting Started


Install Atheris

pip3 install atheris


Installing libprotobuf-mutator for Atheris from source requires bazel. Visit for installation instructions.

Then run:

pip3 install .

Example usage

Using Atheris with Libprotobuf-mutator is similar to using plain Atheris. The main difference is that the function under test will receive a proto of the given format, instead of a bytes array.

You can specify the proto format using the atheris_libprotobuf_mutator.Setup() function, which substitutes the regular atheris.Setup() function.

import atheris
import atheris_libprotobuf_mutator
import sys

import example_proto_pb2

def TestOneProtoInput(msg):
  # msg will be an ExampleMessage as specified in the Setup() function below.
  if msg.example_value == 13371337:
    raise RuntimeError('Crash!')

if __name__ == '__main__':
      sys.argv, TestOneProtoInput, proto=example_proto_pb2.ExampleMessage)

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atheris_libprotobuf_mutator-0.1.2.tar.gz (7.6 kB view hashes)

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