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PEP 224 implementation

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Hacky implementation of PEP 224.


This package provides the following functions:

  • attributes_doc
  • get_attributes_doc
  • enum_doc
  • get_doc

Decorator attributes_doc

This function is a class decorator, and using it on a class will set class attributes called __doc_ATTRNAME__ for each existing attribute.

from attributes_doc import attributes_doc

class Foo:
	bar = 1
	"""This is the docstring for the bar attribute.

	It will be stored in `Foo.__doc_bar__` and will be accessible at runtime.

	baz = 2
	"""This is the docstring for the baz attribute."""

print(getattr(Foo, "__doc_baz__"))

Function get_attributes_doc

This function will return a dictionary with the docstrings for all attributes of a class without setting them.

from attributes_doc import get_attributes_doc

class Goo:
	"""This class doesn't use attributes_doc and we don't want to modify it at all."""
	bar = 1
	"""This is the docstring for the bar attribute."""
	baz = 2
	"""This is the docstring for the baz attribute."""

docs = get_attributes_doc(Goo)

Decorator enum_doc

This is also a class decorator, but it is intended for Enum classes. Instead of setting one doc attribute per attribute to the containing class, it will set the __doc__ attribute for each enum value.

from attributes_doc import enum_doc
from enum import Enum

class Foo(Enum):
	bar = 1
	"""This is the docstring for the bar attribute."""
	baz = 2
	"""This is the docstring for the baz attribute."""


Function get_doc

This function will return the docstring of an attribute of a class.

from attributes_doc import get_doc

print(get_doc(Foo, "baz")) # Instead of getattr(Foo, "__doc_baz__") above

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