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Control the audacious media player.

Project description


A simple wsgi web page to control a running audacious media player process.

Audman uses the standard python wsgi module to mount a web app,
using mako templates, and
IPC over dbus to access a runnning audacious process


1. Install virtualenv

$ virtualenv --system-site-package audman && source audman/bin/activate

3. Install this package

(audman)$ pip install audman

4. Run audman

(audman)$ runaudman
Audman: Audacious Audio Player Control listening on http://192.168.H.HHH:8051
5. Use audman
browse to http://192.168.H.HHH:8051, replacing 192.168.H.HHH with the actual
ip address printed on the console by the runaudman command.


* alternate system install by wheel
./ bdist_wheel
sudo pip install --no-index -v -v -v dist/audman-0.2.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl

* adhoc source installation
./ sdist
cp dist/audman-0.2.0.tar.gz ~
cd ~
tar ztvf audman-0.2.0.tar.gz
cd audman

* quick setup and test
./ bdist_wheel
PYTHONPATH=dist/audman-0.2.1-py2.7.whl python -m audman.audws

* options
"runaudman -e" or "runaudman --enque" => default to enqueing rather than playing
"runaudman -p <port>" or "runaudman --port=<port>" => listen on specified port
"runaudman -l" or "runaudman --playlists_locked" => no playlist select options

* todo
- get the browsers to cache images files (even on meta refresh)
-? mute button
<button type="button" id="mute">Mute</button>
- apache fcgi integration; other wsgi adapters (dbus permissions)?
-? async controls ala ajax
-? tracklist scroll bars; reacting in real-time vie ajax?

* issues
- switching to view a second playlist in the audacious gui causes
audacious<=3.5 to report the wrong current track
- can other playlist be scrolled through without making them active?

** playlist selection
- could we list the names other playlists without making them active?
- could we list the names of tracks (or the complete "playlist-display")
in playlists without making them active?

Note that the icons are from
a much appreciated resource.

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