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Auklet performance monitoring agent for Python IoT apps

Project description

Auklet - Problem Solving Software for Python

Auklet for Python

This is the official Python agent for Auklet. It officially supports Python 2.7.9+ and 3.4-3.7, and runs on most POSIX-based operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu Core, Raspbian, QNX, etc).


  • Automatic report of unhandled exceptions
  • Automatic Function performance issue reporting
  • Location, system architecture, and system metrics identification for all issues
  • Ability to define data usage restriction


Auklet is an edge first application performance monitor; therefore, starting with version 1.0.0 we maintain the following compliance levels:

  • Automotive Safety Integrity Level B (ASIL B)

If there are additional compliances that your industry requires please contact the team at


To install the agent with pip:

pip install auklet

To setup Auklet monitoring in your application:

from auklet.monitoring import Monitoring
auklet_monitoring = Monitoring(
# Call your main function


To authorize your application you need to provide both an API key and app ID. These values are available in the connection settings of your application as well as during initial setup.

Optional: Release Tracking

You can track releases and identify which devices are running what variant of code. To do this, you may provide the git commit hash of your deployed code and a version string you can modify. This release value should be passed into the constructor through the release argument, and your custom version should be passed via the version argument. The release value must be the git commit hash that represents the deployed version of your application. The version value is a string that you may set to whatever value you wish to define your versions. Please note that you can provide either a release value, version value, or both.

  • Providing release enables code snippets to be shown for identified errors if you’ve linked your GitHub.
  • Including version allows you to track what version of code had the issue.
curl -X POST \
            -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
            -H "Authorization: JWT <API_KEY>" \
            -d '{"application": "<APP_ID>", "release": "'$(git rev-parse HEAD)'", "version": "<YOUR_DEFINED_VERSION>"}'

Get Release via Subprocess

If you package and deploy your entire Git repository (including the .git directory), and if you have git installed on your devices, you can get the commit hash via a subprocess:

git_commit_hash = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'rev-parse', 'HEAD'])

Get Release via Environment Variable

If you package your app and deploy it without access to git, you can pass the commit hash to your app using the environment variable APPLICATION_GIT_COMMIT_HASH:

git_commit_hash = os.environ.get("APPLICATION_GIT_COMMIT_HASH")

Get Release via File

Lastly, if it is difficult or impossible to set an environment variable via your deployment platform, you can include a new file in your packaged deployment which contains the commit hash. You can read from this file and supply the value to the constructor.

At packaging time, write the commit hash to a file and then include it in your package:

git rev-parse HEAD > path/to/git_commit_hash.txt

At runtime, read the included file as follows:

release_file = open("git_commit_hash.txt", "r")
git_commit_hash ='utf8').strip('\n')

Define Your Own Version

You can also provide your own version string in the constructor:

from auklet.monitoring import Monitoring
auklet_monitoring = Monitoring(


Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

auklet-1.0.1.tar.gz (32.9 kB view hashes)

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Built Distributions

auklet-1.0.1-py3.7.egg (82.1 kB view hashes)

Uploaded 3 7

auklet-1.0.1-py3.6.egg (81.9 kB view hashes)

Uploaded 3 6

auklet-1.0.1-py3.5.egg (83.3 kB view hashes)

Uploaded 3 5

auklet-1.0.1-py3.4.egg (83.5 kB view hashes)

Uploaded 3 4

auklet-1.0.1-py2.py3-none-any.whl (42.9 kB view hashes)

Uploaded py2 py3

auklet-1.0.1-py2.7.egg (81.0 kB view hashes)

Uploaded 2 7

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