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A collection of component runners for Autobahn Python

Project description

The OpenDNA Autobahn-Python Runners package provides a number of scripts that can be used to launch Autobahn-Python components and connect them to a WAMP router.


  1. Installation

  2. Usage

  3. Command-line Parameters

  4. Twisted Runner

  5. AsyncIO Runner

  6. AsyncIO Multi-Runner

  7. Roadmap


pip install autobahn-python-runners

When the package is installed it will create the following scripts in your Python environment’s scripts path:

  • run_twisted_component

  • run_asyncio_component

  • run_asyncio_components

Optionally, you pip install uvloop for enhanced event-loop perforance with the AsyncIO runners. You will need libuv with installed in order to do this.


Usage can be achieved through one of two methods:

  1. Execute one of the scripts created during installation

  2. Execute one of the modules using the standard python -m method

Command-line Parameters

The following command-line parameters are supported by all of the runners included in this package:

Required parameters:

  • -c or --component is a fully-qualified path to an Autobahn-Python component class E.g. some_org.some_package.some_module.SomeClass. Can be alternatively specified using the WAMP_COMPONENT enviornment variable

  • -u or --url is a URL for the WAMP router to connect to E.g. ws://localhost:8080. Can be alternatively specified using the WAMP_URL environment variable

  • -r or --realm is a Realm on the WAMP router you are connecting to. E.g. Can be alternatively specified using the WAMP_REALM environment variable

Optional parameters:

  • -e or --extra-file is a path to a JSON file which will be loaded and supplied to the component class instance via the config parameter of the class constructor method

  • -s or --use-ssl is value that will be cast to a boolean and used to specify whether or not SSL should be used for the WS connection. This parameter is usually unnecessary as the decision to use SSL is usually determined by the choice of WS protocol for the WAMP router URL. It is made available here simply for the purposes of completeness

  • -l or --loglevel is used to specify the logging level used by the runner. Defaults to info with other permitted values being critical, error, warning and debug

  • --serializers is a fully qualified path to an Autobahn-Python serializer class. This parameter may be specified multiple times

Twisted Runner

The Twisted runner is provided by the opendna.autobahn.runners.run_twisted module and can be used to run components that derive from the autobahn.twisted.ApplicationSession class.

AsyncIO Runner

The AsyncIO runner is provided by the opendna.autobahn.runners.run_asyncio module and can be used to run components that derive from the autobahn.asyncio.ApplicationSession class.

AsyncIO Multi-Runner

The AsyncIO multi-runner is provided by the opendna.autobahn.runners.multirun_asyncio module and can be used to run multiple components that derive from the autobahn.asyncio.ApplicationSession class within a single Python process.

These components will run within a single event-loop but each component will establish a separate WS connection to the WAMP router.

The AsyncIO multi-runner makes the following changes to the parameter options:

  • -c/--component may be passed multiple times in order to specify multiple component classes. Each class instance will connect to the same WAMP router and realm specified using the relevant parameters

  • -e/--extra-file can still be used but behaves slightly differently in that it expects that the JSON file will contain a plain object where each key is a component class as specified using the -c/--component parameter and the value associated with each key is a plain object of data to be supplied to the relevant component class instance via the config parameter of the class constructor method

  • -n/--necromancy is used to enable the transport recovery feature. When enabled the multi-runner will periodically check to see if the WAMP connection between a component and the router has failed. If a failure is detected then a new component instance is created and will attempt to connect to the router

  • --necromancy-sleep accepts integers and defaults to 10. This parameter specifies how regularly the check for failed WAMP connections will be performed



  • Twisted runner

  • AsyncIO runner

  • AsyncIO multi-runner

  • Basic documentation

  • uvloop support for AsyncIO runners

  • Option for multi-runners to transparently restart crashed components


  • Tests


  • Twisted multi-runner

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