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Records and automates Winform and WPF applications

Project description

# AutoGui

AutoGui is a GUI Automation/Test tool giving the user high level keywords to automate WPF and winform applications.

## Getting Started Install using pip

pip install autogui

I recommend using a spy tool such RecorderSpy.exe in the tools folder or my RecorderSpy repo. Use ctrl-r to start recording, ctrl-e to end recording, and ctrl-w to select a GUI element during recording. This generates both a python and robot script of your steps.

Any other Windows Spy tool, such as Microsofts inspect.exe tool will help out in finding locator properties of elements.

Most of the time you can use just the default selector (name) to find your element.

### Examples Open Calculator, Click a few buttons and close. ` from autogui import * open("calc") click("One") click("Two") close() ` Open Notepad, Read and Write some text and close. ` from autogui import * open("notepad") write("My name is Alex Lundberg","Text Editor") click("value:=My name is Alex Lundberg") sendkey("{ENTER}") append(" and this AutoGui","Text Editor") print(read("Text Editor")) close() `

Open both notepad and calculator and move between them using setWindow(). ` from autogui import * open("calc") print(getActiveWindow()) open("notepad") print(getActiveWindow()) setWindow("calculator") print(getActiveWindow()) click("One",0,4) #clicks on the first element(0) that matches title = "One". Changes timeout to 4 seconds #with selectors other than title you will need to use := with the property value to match click("One,controltype:=button,id:=num1Button,class=Button") close("Untitled - Notepad") close() #closes calculator window `

### Methods ` click(id,child=0,timeout=timeout) write(value,id,child=0,timeout=timeout) setWindow(id,contains=True,timeout=timeout) append(value,id,child=0,timeout=timeout) rightclick(id,child=0,timeout=timeout) sendkey(key) read(id,child=0,timeout=timeout) open(app,setActive=True) close(window="activeWindow") getActiveWindow() `

### Selectors To select elements, try using any of the following: ` name id value class controltype ` properties are fed into the id input of the function in the format: prop1:=propvalue,prop2:=prop2value. The title property does not need to be prefaced. [Full list of available properties](

## License

This project is licensed under the MIT License

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