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Provide a matplotlib like interface to plotting data with Google Maps

Project description


Plotting data on Google Maps, the easy way. A matplotlib-like
interface to generate the HTML and javascript to render all the
data you'd like on top of Google Maps. Several plotting methods
make creating exploratory map views effortless. Here's a crash course:


import aviplot

gmap = aviplot.GoogleMapPlotter(37.428, -122.145, 16)

gmap.plot(latitudes, longitudes, 'cornflowerblue', edge_width=10)
gmap.scatter(more_lats, more_lngs, '#3B0B39', size=40, marker=False)
gmap.scatter(marker_lats, marker_lngs, 'k', marker=True)
gmap.heatmap(heat_lats, heat_lngs)



``aviplot`` contains a simple wrapper around Google's geocoding service enabling
map initilization to the location of your choice. Rather than providing latitude,
longitude, and zoom level during initialization, grab your aviplot instance with
a location:


gmap = aviplot.from_geocode("San Francisco")

Plot types

* Polygons with fills.
* Drop pins.
* Scatter points.
* Grid lines.
* Heatmaps.

.. image::


Code hosted on `GitHub <>`_

Install easily with ``pip install aviplot`` from PyPI.

Inspired by Yifei Jiang's ( pygmaps_ module.

.. _pygmaps:

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