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Better interface to AWS Code Pipeline

Project description

AWS CodePipeline Construct Library


To construct an empty Pipeline:

import codepipeline = require('@aws-cdk/aws-codepipeline');

const pipeline = new codepipeline.Pipeline(this, 'MyFirstPipeline');

To give the Pipeline a nice, human-readable name:

const pipeline = new codepipeline.Pipeline(this, 'MyFirstPipeline', {
  pipelineName: 'MyPipeline',


You can provide Stages when creating the Pipeline:

const pipeline = new codepipeline.Pipeline(this, 'MyFirstPipeline', {
  stages: [
      name: 'Source',
      actions: [
        // see below...

Or append a Stage to an existing Pipeline:

const sourceStage = pipeline.addStage({
  name: 'Source',
  actions: [ // optional property
    // see below...

You can insert the new Stage at an arbitrary point in the Pipeline:

const someStage = pipeline.addStage({
  name: 'SomeStage',
  placement: {
    // note: you can only specify one of the below properties
    rightBefore: anotherStage,
    justAfter: anotherStage,
    atIndex: 3, // indexing starts at 0
                // pipeline.stageCount returns the number of Stages currently in the Pipeline


Actions live in a separate package, @aws-cdk/aws-codepipeline-actions.

To add an Action to a Stage, you can provide it when creating the Stage, in the actions property, or you can use the IStage.addAction() method to mutate an existing Stage:


Cross-region CodePipelines

You can also use the cross-region feature to deploy resources (currently, only CloudFormation Stacks are supported) into a different region than your Pipeline is in.

It works like this:

const pipeline = new codepipeline.Pipeline(this, 'MyFirstPipeline', {
  // ...
  crossRegionReplicationBuckets: {
    'us-west-1': 'my-us-west-1-replication-bucket',

// later in the code...
new codepipeline_actions.CloudFormationCreateUpdateStackAction({
  actionName: 'CFN_US_West_1',
  // ...
  region: 'us-west-1',

This way, the CFN_US_West_1 Action will operate in the us-west-1 region, regardless of which region your Pipeline is in.

If you don't provide a bucket name for a region (other than the Pipeline's region) that you're using for an Action with the crossRegionReplicationBuckets property, there will be a new Stack, named aws-cdk-codepipeline-cross-region-scaffolding-<region>, defined for you, containing a replication Bucket. Note that you have to make sure to cdk deploy all of these automatically created Stacks before you can deploy your main Stack (the one containing your Pipeline). Use the cdk ls command to see all of the Stacks comprising your CDK application. Example:

$ cdk ls
$ cdk deploy aws-cdk-codepipeline-cross-region-scaffolding-us-west-1
# output of cdk deploy here...
$ cdk deploy MyMainStack

See the AWS docs here for more information on cross-region CodePipelines.


Using a pipeline as an event target

A pipeline can be used as a target for a CloudWatch event rule:

// kick off the pipeline every day
const rule = new EventRule(this, 'Daily', { scheduleExpression: 'rate(1 day)' });

When a pipeline is used as an event target, the "codepipeline:StartPipelineExecution" permission is granted to the AWS CloudWatch Events service.

Event sources

Pipelines emit CloudWatch events. To define event rules for events emitted by the pipeline, stages or action, use the onXxx methods on the respective construct:

myPipeline.onStateChange('MyPipelineStateChage', target);
myStage.onStateChange('MyStageStateChange', target);
myAction.onStateChange('MyActioStateChange', target);

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