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A sudo-like tool to configure AWS environment variables and call programs

Project description

awsudo CircleCI pypi

A sudo-like tool to configure AWS environment variables and call programs

This script is useful for programs like Terraform, which doesn't support MFA when assuming roles.


python3 -m pip install awsudo-py


$ awsudo -p administrator@staging terraform apply

$ awsudo -p administrator@staging env | grep AWS
usage: awsudo [-h] [-p PROFILE] PROG [ARG [ARG ...]]

Set environment variables using profile

positional arguments:
  PROG                  executable to run
  ARG                   args to run with program

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PROFILE, --profile PROFILE
                        AWS Profile to assume


Poetry is necessary to install this project for development.

# install dependencies
make install

# linting
make typecheck
make fmt
# error on bad formatting
make fmt-check
make lint

# testing
make test
# runs fmt, typecheck, build
make all 

# building/publishing
make clean
make build
make publish
# build and install program directly
make install-program
make uninstall-program

# run program (we can't pass args to Make)
poetry run awsudo

Prior Art

There are a lot of similar programs to this one. I believe makethunder/awsudo and electronicarts/awsudo are the best alternatives. The only problems with makethunder/awsudo are that it isn't published on pypi and that it doesn't use the newest api for caching sessions. electronicarts/awsudo has all of the features, but it uses an internal session cache, instead of sharing with awscli. If you need SAML support though, the internal cache is a necessary compromise, so this package is great in that case.

project awscli profiles session caching SAML language published
this project yes yes no python3.6 pypi
makethunder/awsudo yes yes* no python github
electronicarts/awsudo yes yes⦿ yes ruby rubygems
pmuller/awsudo yes no no python2.7, python3.5 pypi
ingenieux/awsudo no no no golang no
meltwater/awsudo yes yes no bash, node npm, dockerhub

* supports session caching through older technique using awscli as a dependency

⦿ uses a daemon to cache sessions internally

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