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Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools

Project description

Microsoft Azure CLI

A great cloud needs great tools; we’re excited to introduce Azure CLI, our next generation multi-platform command line experience for Azure.


$ az [ group ] [ subgroup ] [ command ] {parameters}

Getting Started

After installation, use the az configure command to help setup your environment.

$ az configure

For usage and help content, pass in the -h parameter, for example:

$ az storage -h
$ az vm create -h


Here are a few features and concepts that can help you get the most out of the Azure CLI.

The following examples are showing using the --output table format, you can change your default using the $ az configure command.

Tab Completion

We support tab-completion for groups, commands, and some parameters

# looking up resource group and name
$ az vm show -g [tab][tab]
AccountingGroup   RGOne  WebPropertiesRG
$ az vm show -g WebPropertiesRG -n [tab][tab]
StoreVM  Bizlogic
$ az vm show -g WebPropertiesRG -n Bizlogic


You can use the --query parameter and the JMESPath query syntax to customize your output.

$ az vm list --query '[].{name:name,os:storageProfile.osDisk.osType}'
Name                    Os
----------------------  -------
storevm                 Linux
bizlogic                Linux
demo32111vm             Windows
dcos-master-39DB807E-0  Linux

Creating a new Linux VM

The following block creates a new resource group in the ‘westus’ region, then creates a new Ubuntu VM. We automatically provide a series of smart defaults, such as setting up SSH with your ~/.ssh/ key. For more details, try az vm create -h.

$ az group create -l westus -n MyGroup
Name     Location
-------  ----------
MyGroup  westus

$ az vm create -g MyGroup -n MyVM --image ubuntults
MacAddress         ResourceGroup    PublicIpAddress    PrivateIpAddress
-----------------  ---------------  -----------------  ------------------
00-0D-3A-30-B2-D7  MyGroup

$ ssh
Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.19.0-65-generic x86_64)

System information as of Thu Sep 15 20:47:31 UTC 2016

System load: 0.39              Memory usage: 2%   Processes:       80
Usage of /:  39.6% of 1.94GB   Swap usage:   0%   Users logged in: 0


More Samples and Snippets

For more usage examples, take a look at our GitHub samples repo.

Reporting issues and feedback

If you encounter any bugs with the tool please file an issue in the Issues section of our GitHub repo.

To provide feedback from the command line, try the az feedback command.



Release History



  • Add a preview parameter –pack-image-tag to command az acr pack build.

  • Support enabling auditing on creating a registry

  • Support Repository-scoped RBAC


  • Add –enable-cluster-autoscaler, –min-count and –max-count to the az aks create command, which enables cluster autoscaler for the node pool.

  • Add the above flags as well as –update-cluster-autoscaler and –disable-cluster-autoscaler to the az aks update command, allowing updates to cluster autoscaler.


  • Add appconfig feature command group to manage feature flags stored in an App Configuration.

  • Minor bug fix for appconfig kv export to file command. Stop reading dest file contents during export.


  • az appservice plan create: Adding support to set ‘persitescaling’ on appservice plan create.

  • Fixing an issue where webapp config ssl bind operation was removing existing tags from the resource

  • Added “–build remote” flag for “az functionapp deployment source config-zip” to support remote build action during function app deployment.

  • Change default node version on function apps to ~10 for Windows

  • Add –runtime-version property to az functionapp create


  • deployment/group deployment validate: Add –handle-extended-json-format parameter to support multiline and comments in json template when deployment.

  • bump azure-mgmt-resource to 2019-07-01


  • Add AzureFiles backup support


  • vm create: Add warning when specifying accelerated networking and an existing NIC together.

  • vm create: Add –vmss to specify an existing virtual machine scale set that the virtual machine should be assigned to.

  • vm/vmss create: Add a local copy of image alias file so that it can be accessed in a restricted network environment.

  • vmss create: Add –orchestration-mode to specify how virtual machines are managed by the scale set.

  • vm/vmss update: Add –ultra-ssd-enabled to allow updating ultra SSD setting.

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] vm extension set: Fix bug where users could not set an extension on a VM with –ids.

  • New commands az vm image terms accept/cancel/show to manage Azure Marketplace image terms.

  • Update VMAccessForLinux to version 1.5


  • [BREAKING] sql container create: Change –partition-key-path to required parameter

  • [BREAKING] gremlin graph create: Change –partition-key-path to required parameter

  • sql container create: Add –unique-key-policy and –conflict-resolution-policy

  • sql container create/update: Update the –idx default schema

  • gremlin graph create: Add –conflict-resolution-policy

  • gremlin graph create/update: Update the –idx default schema

  • Fix typo in help message

  • database: Add deprecation infomation

  • collection: Add deprecation infomation


  • Add new routing source type: DigitalTwinChangeEvents

  • Fix #2826: Missing features in “az iot hub create”

Key Vault

  • Fix #9352: Unexpected error when certificate file does not exist

  • Fix #7048: az keyvault recover/purge not working


  • Upgrade azure-mgmt-netapp to 0.6.0 to use API version 2019-07-01. This new API version includes:

    • Volume creation –protocol-types accepts now “NFSv4.1” not “NFSv4”

    • Volume export policy property now named ‘nfsv41’ not ‘nfsv4’

    • Volume creation-token renamed to file-path

    • Snapshot creation date now named just ‘created’


  • az network private-dns link vnet create/update: Fixes #9851. Support cross-tenant virtual network linking.

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] network vnet subnet list: Fix #10401. –resource-group and –vnet-name are required now.

  • az network public-ip prefix create: Fix #10757. Support to specify IP address version (IPv4, IPv6) when creation

  • Bump azure-mgmt-network to 7.0.0 and api-version to 2019-09-01

  • az network vrouter: Support new service virtual router and virtual router peering

  • az network express-route gateway connection: Support –internet-security


  • Fix: az account get-access-token –resource-type ms-graph not working

  • Remove warning from az login


  • Fix #10807: az ad app update –id {} –display-name {} doesn’t work


  • az sf cluster create: fix #10916 modify service fabric linux and windows template.json compute vmss from standard to managed disks


  • Add “–compute-model”, “–auto-pause-delay”, and “–min-capacity” parameters to support CRUD operations for new SQL Database offering: Serverless compute model.”


  • storage account create/update: Add –enable-files-adds parameter and Azure Active Directory Properties Argument group to support Azure Files Active Directory Domain Service Authentication

  • Expand az storage account keys list/renew to support listing or regenerating Kerberos keys of storage account.



  • Set –load-balancer-sku default value to standard if supported by the kubernetes version

  • Set –vm-set-type default value to virtualmachinescalesets if supported by the kubernetes version

  • Add az aks nodepool add,`az aks nodepool show`, az aks nodepool list, az aks nodepool scale, az aks nodepool upgrade, az aks nodepool update and az aks nodepool delete commmands to support multiple nodepools in aks

  • Add –zones to az aks create and az aks nodepool add commands to support availability zones for aks

  • Enable GA support of apiserver authorized IP ranges via paramater –api-server-authorized-ip-ranges in az aks create and az aks update


    content-key-policy create:
    • Changed parameter –ask from utf-8 string to 32 character hex string.

    job start:
    • Changed the command from job start to job create.


  • Using & in authorization header

  • Adding api-version to all requests

  • Upgrading SDK Version to 1.0.0


  • Added “webapp config access-restriction show | set | add | remove”

  • az webapp up updated for better error-handling

  • az appservice plan update support Isolated SKU


  • az deployment create: Add –handle-extended-json-format parameter to support multiline and comments in json template.


  • Enhanced error detail for vault delete in force mode.


  • vm create: Add –enable-agent configuration.

  • vm create: Use standard public IP SKU automatically when using zones.

  • vm create: Compose a valid computer name from VM name if computer name is not provided.

  • vm create: Add –workspace to enable log analytics workspace automatically.

  • vmss create: Add –computer-name-prefix parameter to support custom computer name prefix of virtual machines in the VMSS.

  • Update galleries API version to 2019-07-01.


  • Fix #2116: Unexpected ‘az iot hub show’ error for resource not found.


  • az monitor log-analytics workspace: Support CRUD for Azure log analytics workspace.


  • az network private-dns link vnet create/update: Fixes #9851. Support cross-tenant virtual network linking.

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] network vnet subnet list: Fix #10401. –resource-group and –vnet-name are required now.


  • New Cmdlets for sql mi ad-admin that supports setting AAD administrator on Managed instance


  • az storage copy: Add –preserve-s2s-access-tier parameter to preserve access tier during service to service copy.

  • az storage account create/update: Add –enable-large-file-share parameter to support large file shares for storage account.


  • Fix #10493: az ad sp delete –id {} fails when application is not found. If not found, application deletion is skipped.


  • Add support for WebAssembly (.wasm) mimetype detection



  • Added a required –type parameter to command az acr config retention update

  • Param -n, –name changed to -r, –registry for az acr config command group.


  • Add –load-balancer-sku, –load-balancer-managed-outbound-ip-count, –load-balancer-outbound-ips and –load-balancer-outbound-ip-prefixes to az aks create command, which allows for creating AKS cluster with SLB.

  • Add –load-balancer-managed-outbound-ip-count, –load-balancer-outbound-ips and –load-balancer-outbound-ip-prefixes to az aks update command, which allows for updating load balancer profile of an AKS cluster with SLB.

  • Add –vm-set-type to az aks create command, which allows to specify vm types of an AKS Cluster (vmas or vmss).


  • az group deployment create: Add –handle-extended-json-format to support multiline and comments in json template

  • Update azure-mgmt-resource package to use 4.0.0


  • vmss create: Add –terminate-notification-time parameters to support terminate scheduled event configurability.

  • vmss update: Add –enable-terminate-notification and –terminate-notification-time parameters to support terminate scheduled event configurability.

  • Update azure-mgmt-compute version to 8.0.0.

  • vm/vmss create: Support –priority, –eviction-policy, –max-billing parameters.

  • disk create: Allow specifying the exact size of the upload for customers who upload their disks directly.

  • snapshot create: Support incremental snapshots for managed disks.

Cosmos DB

  • Add –type <key-type> to az cosmosdb keys list command to show key, read only keys or connection strings

  • Add regenerate to az cosmosdb keys group

  • Deprecate az cosmosdb list-connection-strings, az cosmosdb regenerate-key and az cosmosdb list-read-only-keys


  • Fix the endpoint help text to refer to the right parameter (namely, to point to parameter –endpoint rather than –endpoint-type in event subscription commands).

Key Vault

  • Fix #8840: When using tenant domain name in az login -t, keyvault create fails. Tenant domain name is now resolved to GUID if it is not.


  • monitor metrics alert create: Fix #9901. Support special character : in –condition argument.


  • Support for Policy new API version 2019-06-01.

  • az policy assignment create: Add –enforcement-mode parameter for az policy assignment create command.


  • Add –blob-type parameter for az storage copy command



  • Added commands to configure retention policy (in preview): “az acr config retention”

  • [BREAKING] Disable the pull request trigger by default for ACR Tasks

  • az acr login –subscription: now supports cross tenant scenarios.


  • Add support of ACR integration, which includes

  • Add –attach-acr <acr-name-or-resource-id> to az aks create command, which allows for attach the ACR to AKS cluster.

  • Add –attach-acr <acr-name-or-resource-id> and –detach-acr <acr-name-or-resource-id> to az aks update command, which allows to attach or detach the ACR from AKS cluster.


  • Update Aladdin Service (az find) to v1.0 (GA)


  • Update azure-mgmt-resource package to use 3.1.0, which utilizes API version 2019-05-10, allowing copy count to be zero.


  • az webapp deployment source config-zip support for connection_verify

  • Add support for ACR images with az webapp create


  • Expanded –json-file capabilities of az batch pool create to allow for specifying MountConfigurations for file system mounts(see for structure)

  • Expanded –json-file capabilities of az batch pool create with the optional property publicIPs on NetworkConfiguration. This allows specifying publicIPs to be used when deploying pools (see for structure)

  • Expanded –image capabilities to support Shared Image Galleries images. Similar to the commands support for Managed Images, to use a Shared Image Gallery image simply use the ARM ID as the value to the argument.

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] When not specified, the default value for –start-task-wait-for-success on az batch pool create is now true (was false).

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] The default value for Scope on AutoUserSpecification is now always Pool (was Task on Windows nodes, Pool on Linux nodes). This argument is not exposed via the commandline, but can be set in the –json-file arguments.

Cosmos DB

  • Update azure-mgmt-cosmosdb to latest python 0.8.0 library

  • Populate DatabaseAccountCreateUpdateParameters with 2 new parameters to support Cassandra Connector Exchange(CCX) feature - enable_cassandra_connector, connector_offer


  • az hdinsight resize: Make parameter –workernode-count/-c required

  • GA release

Key Vault

  • Fix #10286: Unable to delete subnet from network rules.

  • Fix: Duplicated subnets and IP addresses can be added to network rules.


  • az network watcher flow-log: Fix #8132. Support –interval to set traffic analysis interval value.

  • az network application-gateway identity: Fix #10073 and #8244 Add support for setting identity in application-gateway.

  • az network application-gateway ssl-cert: Fix #8244. Add support for setting key vault id in application-gateway ssl-cert.

  • az network express-route peering peer-connection: Fix #9404. Onboard show and list command for Azure express route peering peer connection resource.

  • az network vnet-gateway create/update: Fix #9327. Support –custom-routes argument to set custom routes address space for VNet gateway and VPN client.

  • az network express-route port identity: Fix #10747. Support to configure identity.

  • az network express-route port link update: Fix #10747. Support to configure MACsec and enable/disable admin state.


  • Support for Policy new API version 2019-01-01


  • [BREAKING CHANGE] az storage remove: remove –auth-mode argument



  • Move to 2019-05-01 api-version, which follows replace semantics for ACR resource creation.

  • Breaking change: Classic SKU no longer supported.

API Management

  • Introduced initial impementation of API Management preview commands (az apim)


  • Added “appconfig kv restore” command.


  • Fixed az webapp webjob continuous start command when specifying a slot.

  • az webapp up detects env folder and removes it from compressed file used for deployment


  • Added Support for managed disk restore, InstantRP


  • Fix the bug in secret set command that ignores the expires argument


  • az network lb create/frontend-ip create: Fixes #10018. Support –private-ip-address-version argument to create IPv6 based private-ip-address

  • az network private-endpoint create/update/list-types: Fixes #9474. Support create/update/list-types commands for private endpoint.

  • az network private-link-service: Fixes #9475. Onboard commands for private link service.

  • az network vnet subnet update: Support –private-endpoint-network-policies and –private-link-service-network-policies arguments for update command.


  • Fix #10151 - az ad app update –homepage not updating homepage.

  • Derive service principal’s display name from name in the create-for-rbac command


  • Fix for issues #7145, #7880 and #7889 - fix for key vault and cert issues when creating a cluster.

  • Fix for issue #7130 - fix add cert command. Using the cluster resource group when the key vault resource group is not specified.

  • Fix for issue #9711 - fix command ‘cluster setting set’ command. Using named parameters for SettingsSectionDescription constructor.


  • signalr cors: New command to manage SignalR CORS

  • az signalr create: –service-mode: new service mode argument

  • signalr restart: new command to restart the service

  • signalr update: new command to update the service


  • Add revoke-delegation-keys command for storage account



  • az webapp webjob continuous group commands were failing for slots

  • fixes an issue where az webapp deployment container config displayed the wrong Docker CI/CD webhook URL for some apps


    • Removed support for creating v3 SDK bots

    • Remove az bot publish example when creating a Web App bot


  • Add “cognitiveservices account network-rule” commands.

Cosmos DB

  • Remove warning when updating multiple write locations

  • Add CRUD commands for CosmosDB SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Gremlin and Table resources and resource’s throughput.


    • Renamed –storage-default-container to –storage-container and –storage-default-filesystem to –storage-filesystem

    application create:
    • Changed the –name/-n argument to represent the application name instead of the cluster name and added a separate –cluster-name argument

    • Renamed –application-type to –type/-t

    • Renamed –marketplace-identifier to –marketplace-id

    • Renamed –https-endpoint-access-mode to –access-mode and –https-endpoint-destination-port to –destination-port

    • Removed –https-endpoint-location, –https-endpoint-public-port, –ssh-endpoint-destination-port, –ssh-endpoint-location and –ssh-endpoint-public-port

    • Renamed –target-instance-count to –workernode-count/-c

    • Changed –name/-n to represent the name of the script action and added the –cluster-name argument to represent the cluster name

    • Changed –script-execution-id to –execution-id

    • Renamed the “show” command to “show-execution-details”

    script-action execute:
    • Made parameters for the –roles argument space separated instead of comma separated

    script-action list:
    • Removed the –persisted parameter

  • create:

    Enabled the –cluster-configurations argument to accept a path to a local JSON file or a JSON string as the parameter

  • script-action list-execution-history:

    Added this command to list the execution history for all script action executions

  • monitor enable:

    Enabled the –workspace argument to accept a Log Analytics workspace ID or workspace name as the parameter Added the –primary-key argument, which is needed if a workspace ID is provided as the parameter

  • Added more examples and updated descriptions for help messages


  • Fix a loading error on 2.0.70


  • az network dns record-set cname delete: Fixes #10166. Support –yes argument to align the behavior with other dns type.


  • Add get-access-token –resource-type enum for convenience of getting access tokens for well-known resources.


  • Fix for issue #6112 - added all supported os version for sf cluster create

  • Fix for issue #6536 - primary certificate validation bug


  • storage copy: add copy command for storage


  • Use https if dashboard container port is using https



  • Fixed issue #9952 (a regression in the acr pack build command).

  • Removed the default builder image name in acr pack build.

Appservice * az webapp config ssl support to show a message if a resource is not found * Fixed issue where az functionapp create does not accept Standard_RAGRS storage account type. * Fixed an issue where az webapp up would fail if run using older versions of python


  • metrics alert create: Allow ‘/’ and ‘.’ characters in namespace name to support custom metrics.


  • network nic ip-config add: Fixes #9861 where –ids was inadvertently exposed but did not work.

  • network application-gateway http-settings create/update: Fixes #9604. Add –root-certs to support user associate trusted root certificates with the HTTP settings.

  • network dns record-set ns create: Fixes #9965. Support –subscription again by moving the supression into lower scope.

  • network watcher test-ip-flow: Fixes #9845. Fixes #9844. Correct the error messages and help message for the –vm and –nic arguments. Only providing the name of the vm or nic without –resource-group will raise CLI usage error.


  • add “user update” command

  • deprecate “–upn-or-object-id” from user related commands and introduce “–id”


  • New Cmdlets for Management.Sql that supports Managed instance key and managed instance TDE protector management


  • storage remove: add remove command for storage

  • Fixed issue storage blob update.


  • list-skus: use newer api-version to output zone details

  • vmss create: restore client end defaults to False for “–single-placement-group”

  • snapshot/disk create: expose ZRS storage skus

  • Add new command group vm host to support dedicated hosts. Expose –host and –host-group on vm create


AKS * Fixed an issue where terminating the browse command always tried to call an endpoint that is only available within cloud shell, resulting in a connection failure in other environments


  • az webapp identity commands will return a proper error message if ResourceGroupName or App name are invalid.

  • az webapp list fixed to return the correct value for numberOfSites if no ResourceGroup was provided.

  • restore the idempotency of “appservice plan create” and “webapp create”


  • Fixed issue where –subscription would appear despite being not applicable.

  • Added ossrdbmsResourceId to


  • Updated to Batch SDK and Batch Management Plane SDK to 7.0.0

  • [Breaking] Replaced az batch pool node-agent-skus list with az batch pool supported-images list. The new command contains all of the same information originally available, but in a clearer format. New non-verified images are also now returned. Additional information about capabilities and batchSupportEndOfLife is accessible on the imageInformation object returned.

  • When using –json-file option of az batch pool create network security rules blocking network access to a pool based on the source port of the traffic is now supported. This is done via the SourcePortRanges property on NetworkSecurityGroupRule.

  • When using –json-file option of az batch task create and running a container, Batch now supports executing the task in the container working directory or in the Batch task working directory. This is controlled by the WorkingDirectory property on TaskContainerSettings.

  • Fix error in –application-package-references option of az batch pool create where it would only work with defaults. Now it will properly accept specific versions as well.


  • Fix for issue #5824 - added validation for parameter –rights of authorizationrule commands


  • Add optional parameter to specify replica SKU for create replica command.

  • Fix the issue with CI test failure with creating MySQL replica.


  • Fixed issue #8775 : Cannot create hybrid connection with disabled client authroization

  • Added parameter “–requires-transport-security” to az relay wcfrelay create


  • Fix for issue #5824 - added validation for parameter –rights of authorizationrule commands


  • Improved error message when attempting to create a SQL resource which is not available in the specified region.


  • Enable Files AADDS for storage account update.

  • Fixed issue storage blob service-properties update –set.



  • Support Timer Triggers for Task.


  • functionapp: az functionapp create enables application insights by default

  • BREAKING CHANGE: (functionapp) removes deprecated az functionapp devops-build command. Please use the new command az functionapp devops-pipeline instead.

  • functionapp: az functionapp deployment config-zip now works for Linux Consumption Function app plans

Cosmos DB

  • Added support for disabling TTL


  • Update ADLS version (0.0.45).


  • When reporting a failed extension command, az feedback now attempts to open the browser to the project/repo url of the extension from the index.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed “oms” command group name to “monitor”

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Made “–http-password/-p” a required parameter

  • Added completers for “–cluster-admin-account” and “cluster-users-group-dns” parameters completer

  • “cluster-users-group-dns” parameter is now required when “—esp” is present

  • Added a timeout for all existing argument auto-completers

  • Added a timeout for transforming resource name to resource id

  • Auto-completers can now select resources from any resource group. It can be a different resource group than the one specified with “-g”

  • Added support for “–sub-domain-suffix” and “–disable_gateway_auth” parameters in the “az hdinsight application create” command

Managed Services

  • Added support for API version 2019-06-01 (GA)


  • Volume create/update: Added new argument –protocol-types

  • Initial version relating to the R4 version of the RP.

Profile * Suppress –subscription argument for logout command.


  • Support for IoT Hub message enrichments


  • [BREAKING CHANGE] create-for-rbac: remove –password

  • role assignment: expose –assignee-principal-type from create command to avoid intermittent

    failures caused by AAD graph server replication latency

  • ad signed-in-user: fix a crash on listing owned objects

  • ad sp: use the right approach to find the application from a service principal


  • Support storage auto-grow for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB

  • Support replication for MariaDB.


  • Document allowed values for sql db create –sample-name


  • sql vm create/update: Added optional parameter –sql-mgmt-type to setup SQL management

  • Minor fixes on SQL vm group that did not allow to update the key for storage accounts.


  • vmss create: Fix bug where command returns an error message when run with –no-wait. The command succesfully sends the request but returns failure status code and returns an error mesage.

  • vm/vmss extension image list: Fix bug where command fails when used with –latest

  • vmss create –single-placement-group: Removed client-side validation. Does not fail if –single-placement-group is set to true and`–instance-count` is greater than 100 or availability zones are specified, but leaves this validation to the compute service.

  • vmss create –platform-fault-domain-count: Removed client-side validation. Allows platform fault domain count to be specified without specifying zone information, via –zones.


  • storage blob generate-sas: User delegation SAS token support with –as-user

  • storage container generate-sas: User delegation SAS token support with –as-user


  • Introduced a new [Preview] status to tag to more clearly communicate to customers when a command group, command or argument is in preview status. This was previously called out in help text or communicated implicitly by the command module version number. The CLI will be removing version numbers for individual packages in the future, so this mechanism will be the sole way to communicate that a feature is in preview. Items which are not labeled as being in preview can be considered to be GA. Not that if a command is in preview, all of its arguments are as well, and, by extension, if a command group is labeled as being in preview, then all commands and arguments are considered to be in preview as well.

    As a result of this change, several command groups may seem to “suddenly” appear to be in a preview status with this release. What actually happened is that most packages were in a preview status, but are being deemed GA with this release.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Pinning versions of command modules for pip install.


  • Hot fix for issue 8399.


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Fix Homebrew


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • MSI packaging change


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes



  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Minor fixes


  • Remove az component commands. Use az extension instead. az component has been deprecated for several months now.


  • Minor fixes


2.0.19 (2017-10-09)

  • no changes

2.0.18 (2017-09-22)

  • no changes

2.0.17 (2017-09-11)

  • no changes

2.0.16 (2017-08-31)

  • no changes

2.0.15 (2017-08-28)

  • no changes

2.0.14 (2017-08-15)

  • no changes

2.0.13 (2017-08-11)

  • no changes

2.0.12 (2017-07-28)

  • no changes

2.0.11 (2017-07-27)

  • Allow finer grained chunking for Data Lake Store transfer (#4014)

2.0.10 (2017-07-07)

  • no changes

2.0.9 (2017-06-21)

  • no changes

2.0.8 (2017-06-13)

  • no changes

2.0.7 (2017-05-30)

  • Add billing modules to setup (#3465)

2.0.6 (2017-05-09)

  • documentdb renamed to cosmosdb

  • Add rdbms

2.0.5 (2017-05-05)

  • Include Data Lake Analytics and Data Lake Store modules.

  • Include Cognitive Services module.

  • Include Service Fabric module.

  • Include Interactive module.

  • Remove Container module

2.0.4 (2017-04-28)

  • Add ‘az -v’ as shortcut for ‘az –version’ (#2926)

2.0.3 (2017-04-17)

  • Improve performance of package load and command execution (#2819)

  • Alter JSON string parsing from shell (#2705)

2.0.2 (2017-04-03)

  • Add acr, lab and monitor modules to default list.

2.0.1 (2017-03-13)

  • Add ‘az find’ module

2.0.0 (2017-02-27)

  • GA release.

0.1.2rc2 (2017-02-22)

  • Fix format of package readme on PyPI.

0.1.2rc1 (2017-02-17)

  • Handle cloud switching in more user friendly way + remove context

  • Include the following command modules by default:

azure-cli-acs azure-cli-appservice azure-cli-batch azure-cli-cloud azure-cli-component azure-cli-configure azure-cli-container azure-cli-documentdb azure-cli-feedback azure-cli-iot azure-cli-keyvault azure-cli-network azure-cli-profile azure-cli-redis azure-cli-resource azure-cli-role azure-cli-sql azure-cli-storage azure-cli-vm

0.1.1b3 (2017-01-30)

  • Support Python 3.6.

0.1.1b2 (2017-01-19)

  • Modify telemetry code to be compatible with the change to azure-cli-core 0.1.1b2.

0.1.1b1 (2017-01-17)

  • [Tab completion] Enable zsh compatibility mode for zsh shell for ‘pip’ installed CLI.

  • Modify telemetry code to be compatible with the change to azure-cli-core.

0.1.0b11 (2016-12-12)

  • Preview release.

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