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Set of tools and utilities useful in python projects

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Utilities for Python.

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pip install b3j0f.utils


This library provides a set of generic tools in order to ease development of projects in python >= 2.6.

Provided tools are:

  • chaining: chain object methods calls in a dedicated Chaining object. Such method calls return the Chaining object itself, allowing multiple calls to object methods to be invoked in a concise statement.

  • iterable: tools in order to manage iterable elements.

  • path: python object path resolver, from object to absolute/relative path or the inverse.

  • property: (un)bind/find properties in reflective and oop concerns.

  • reflect: tools which ease development with reflective concerns.

  • runtime: ease runtime execution (transform dynamic variable to static variable in function, provide safe eval/exec functions).

  • proxy: create proxy (from design pattern) objects from a routine or an object which respects the signature and description of the proxified element.

  • ut: improve unit tests.

  • version: ease compatibility between python version (from 2.x to 3.x).



>>> # add characters to a string in one line
>>> from b3j0f.utils.chaining import Chaining, ListChaining
>>> c = Chaining("te").__iadd__("s").__iadd__("t")
>>> # display content of Chaining
>>> c._
>>> # call several strings operations on several strings and get operation results in one line
>>> ListChaining("Test", "Example").upper().lower()[:]
[["TEST", "EXAMPLE"], ["test", "example"]]


>>> from b3j0f.utils.iterable import is_iterable, first, last, itemat, sliceit, hashiter
>>> is_iterable(1)
>>> is_iterable('aze')
>>> is_iterable('aze', exclude=str)
>>> from b3j0f.utils.version import OrderedDict
>>> od = OrderedDict((('1', 2), ('3', 4), ('5', 6)))
>>> first(od)
>>> first({}, default='test')
>>> last(od)
>>> last('', default='test')
>>> itemat(od, -1)
>>> itemat(od, 1)
>>> sliceit(od, -2, -1)
>>> hashiter([1, 2])


>>> from b3j0f.utils.path import lookup, getpath
>>> getpath(lookup)
>>> getpath(lookup("b3j0f.utils.path.getpath"))


>>> from import put_properties, get_properties, del_properties
>>> put_properties(min, {'test': True})
>>> assert get_properties(min) == {'test': True}
>>> del_properties(min)
>>> assert get_properties(min) is None
>>> from import addproperties
>>> def before(self, value, name):  # define a before setter
>>>     self.before = value if hasattr(self, 'after') else None
>>> def after(self, value, name):
>>>     self.after = value + 2  # define a after setter
>>> @addproperties(['test'], bfset=before, afset=after)  # add python properties
>>> class Test(object):
>>>     pass
>>> assert isinstance(Test.test, property)  # assert property is bound
>>> test = Test()
>>> test.test = 2
>>> assert test.update is None  # assert before setter
>>> assert test.test == test._test == 2  # assert default setter
>>> assert test.after == 4


>>> from b3j0f.utils.reflect import base_elts, is_inherited
>>> class BaseTest(object):
>>>     def test(self): pass
>>> class Test(BaseTest): pass
>>> class FinalTest(Test): pass
>>> base_elts(FinalTest().test, depth=1)[-1].im_class.__name__
>>> base_elts(FinalTest().test)[-1].im_class.__name__
>>> is_inherited(FinalTest.test)
>>> is_inherited(BaseTest.test)


>>> from b3j0f.utils.proxy import get_proxy, proxified_elt
>>> l = lambda: 2
>>> proxy = get_proxy(l, lambda: 3)
>>> proxy()
>>> assert proxified_elt(proxy) is l
>>> proxified_elt(proxy)()
>>> proxy = get_proxy(l)
>>> proxy()
>>> assert proxy is not l
>>> assert proxified_elt(proxy) is l


>>> from b3j0f.utils.runtime import safe_eval
>>> try:
>>>     safe_eval('open')
>>> except NameError:
>>>     print('open does not exist')
open does not exist


>>> from b3j0f.utils.version import getcallargs
>>> # getcallargs is same function from python>2.7 for python2.6
>>> from b3j0f.utils.version import PY3, PY2, PY26, PY27
>>> # PY3 is True if python version is 3, etc.


>>> from b3j0f.utils.ut import UTCase  # class which inherits from unittest.TestCase
>>> UTCase.assertIs and True  # all methods of python2/3 TestCase are implemented in the UTCase for python v>2.


  • Cython implementation.


I'm grateful for gifts, but don't have a specific funding goal.

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