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Backup data to OpenStack Swift

Project description

This utility is used to backup data to OpenStack Swift. It provides a command interface and backup rotation. It depends on a simple client library called swiftsc.


  • Python 2.7 later or Python 3.3 later

  • swiftsc 0.6.3 later


$ pip install --user backup2swift
(venv)$ pip install backup2swift


Firstly setup configuration file. You may save the file name of your choice as setting. Example is as folloing:

username: username
password: password
#ignore_verify_ssl_certification: True
#timeout: 5.0

rotate_limit: 10

#tenant_id: tenant_id

The “auth_url” is swift authentication url, “username” and “password” are swift’s. If you need to ignore verification of SSL certification, append option as “ignore_verify_ssl_certification: True” to [swift] section. “rotate_limit” is limitation count of rotation for backup. If this value is 3, backup is as folloing;

backup target file name: example.txt

Firstly backup object is created as same name of backup target file (that is “example.txt”):

$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -p example.txt
$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -l

Secondly backup object is created as same name of backup target file, and first backup object is renamed added timestamp as “example.txt_YYYYMMDD-hhmmss”.:

$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -p example.txt
$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -l

Backup objects named with timestamp are created until “rotate_limit” value. Old backup object is remove when execute backup over limitation.:

$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -p example.txt
$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -l
$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -p example.txt
$ bu2sw -c bu2sw.conf -l

See also man manual of bu2sw(1).

See also


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0.9.5 (2017-04-23)

  • Updates swiftsc version.

  • Supports Python 3.6.

0.9.4 (2015-09-05)

  • Adds handling of authentiction error.

0.9.3 (2015-08-31)

  • Change dependency swiftsc version (Supports Identity API v3).

  • Supports Python 3.5 (3.5.0-rc2).

  • Fixes requests-mock package name.

0.9.2 (2015-05-17)

  • Changes os.environ[‘HOME’] to os.expanduser(‘~’).

  • Changes httpretty to requests_mock.

  • Supports wheel.

  • Applies pep257 and fixes the violations.

0.9.1 (2015-03-17)

  • Fail creating object from stdin.

0.9.0 (2015-03-12)

  • Changed using swiftsc.Client().

    • This is supported swiftsc >= 0.6.0.

  • Supported PyPy.

  • Fixed some issues.

0.8.4 (2014-11-19)

  • Supported timeout option.

0.8.3 (2014-11-16)

  • Fixed #20 “rotate_limit” seems not to work.

  • Unsupported Python3.2, PyPy.

  • Appended pass through tox from python test.

  • Integrated pylint, pychecker, pep8, flakes to Tox.

  • Fixed violation of pylint.

  • Fixed argument of exception at backup_file method.

0.8.2 (2014-05-10)

  • Refactoring.

  • Apply tox for unit test.

  • Support Python 3.4, PyPI.

0.8.1 (2014-01-10)

  • Append Python 3 classifier to

  • Refine description.

    • Thanks, Thomas Goirand.

  • Bug fix

    • ImportError: No module named magic in travis-ci

0.8 (2013-07-27)

  • read the file from stdin pipe

  • Omitted option of –container

0.7 (2013-06-14)

  • support Python 3.2, 3.3

0.6 (2013-06-03)

  • support authentication of keystone

0.5 (2013-05-30)

  • New features

    • upload / retrieve / delete in parallel

    • support to delete multiple objects

  • Bug fix

    • fixes fail to raise IOError if default config file exists

    • fail to use “rotate_limit” option on configuration file

    • support pep8 less than version 1.3

0.4 (2013-05-29)

  • New features

    • support default config file

    • specify any container

    • support to retrieve multiple objects

    • specify multiple upload files

  • Bug fix

    • fixes spelling error

    • remove pychecker for travis

0.3.2 (2013-05-24)

  • fixes fail backup and rotate with verifing default SSL certificate

0.3.1 (2013-05-20)

  • add option to ignore verifing of SSL certificate

0.3 (2013-05-17)

  • add retrieve backup object command

0.2 (2013-05-10)

  • add backup object command

  • fixes man manual

0.1.3 (2013-05-10)

  • applied changing api of swiftsc.client.is_container()

  • add how to setup and usage

0.1.2 (2013-05-09)

  • fixes #3 failed to execute in python2.6

0.1.1 (2013-05-08)

  • fixes #1 fail to execute firstly when there is no container

0.1 (2013-05-08)

  • first release

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