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A Python-based interface for the Uniden BC125AT

Project description


A Python-based interface for the Uniden BC125AT radio scanner.

This project aims to be a Linux replacement for the Windows-only Uniden software for the BC125AT. Presently, BC125Py only has a command line interface, but a GUI is planned. Rest assured, the CLI is not hard to use at all! View the changelog here.


sudo pip install bc125py

It is recommended to install bc125py as root.

Quick Start

Most commands must be ran as root.

Plug the BC125AT into your computer, and power the device on.

Import scanner channels

sudo bc125py import --csv channels.csv

Then, edit the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor!

Note: Depending on your CSV editor, the channels may be offset by 1 or 2
Note: All 500 channels are together. Bank 1 starts at 1 or 2, bank 2 starts at 51 or 52, etc...
Note: omitting the --csv flag will import all channels
and settings, and use the json file format.

Export channels to scanner

sudo bc125py export --csv channels.csv

Note: omitting the --csv flag will export all channels and settings, and use the json file format.

Validate your files before exporting (sudo-less)

bc125py validate scanner.json or bc125py validate --csv scanner.csv

Launch scanner shell

sudo bc125py shell

The shell allows you to send commands directly to the device. The shell subcommand accepts a script filename as an optional parameter. Specifying - as the input script will tell the shell to read from stdin.

The shell remembers its history by default. This can be cleared by deleting ~/.bc125py_history (but usually for the root user), or by running the shell subcommand with the -c or --clear-history flags.

Factory reset the scanner

sudo bc125py wipe

This will erase all channels and reset all settings.

Rescue the scanner from Program Mode

sudo bc125py unlock

More Usage

The following are top level flags, to be use after the bc125py but before the subcommand.

Flag Usage
-v Enable debug messages
-l, --log LOG Additionally print all debug messages to LOG_FILE
-p, --port PORT Force BC125Py to use port (device file) PORT
--legacy-detect Use the legacy automatic port detection method. Try this if BC125Py does not initially detect your scanner. This may produce duplicate results

import/export and --csv

By default, import and export will process all of the scanner's channels and settings, and work with json files. The --csv flag tells these command to process channels only, and work with csv files.

Shell Scripts

The shell subcommand accepts an optional parameter for an input file, to be processed as a script. Run help once inside the shell to learn more. The recommended extension for these scripts is .125at; see the docs directory for examples.

Human-Friendly CTCSS/DCS Tones

As of version 0.10.0, bc125py supports human-friendly CTCSS/DCS tones. Your old save files will still work. To view a list of possible tone values, run bc125py --help-tones


TLP, a power management tool on some laptops, may interfere with the operation of BC125Py. To use BC125Py on a TLP-enabled laptop, follow this guide to disable it. This is easily reversible afterwards. If you are aware of a better way to work around TLP, please fork and submit a PR!


The import, export, and shell subcommands may accept a single dash ( - ) as a filename to use stdin/stdout. In this mode, the import subcommand will write to stdout. export and shell will read from stdin.


  • The module bc125py, excluding app, should only contain library (non-executable) code.
  • shall be for all scanner-data abstraction classes.
  • The app module shall be for all executable code.
  • app/ shall be the CLI portion of the program.
  • app/ shall be all common functions for the executable portion of the program, both CLI and GUI.
  • app/ shall be the logger. Use the logger wherever possible!

The 'main' branch shall be the most up-to-date version of the project. Once the main branch reaches stability, the version number will be incremented, a release will be generated, and a 'release-x.x.x' branch will be created to preserve the repository at its state.

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