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A python package for memo. Memo is an on-chain social network built on Bitcoin Cash

Project description

A python package for Memo. Memo is an on-chain social network built on Bitcoin Cash.

Based on bitcash.


$ pip install bchmemo


Action of “reply to memo” supported

>>> user = MemoUser('bitcoincash:qqplzy4l2uxzwa5k3zc2mftkw3q6340a4cfy4kd3nf')
>>> user.private_key = 'PRIVATEKEY'
>>> user.reply_to_memo('b2d072076b4eb462341775792e769a1eecf085091567ad15f18c3ec7fd3a3401','reply test')
Successfully sent! txid=21083c0730b25f8cb0831e76db1cf099d30ea811079e05a2bcb8b63fe3770913
Check it on:

>>> user.get_memos()
>>> user.list_replies()
bchmemo V0.0.3 (a Python package)@...4kd3nf replied to memo(b2d072076b4eb462341775792e769a1eecf085091567ad15f18c3ec7fd3a3401) at 2018-04-26 14:12:00
reply test

How to use

>>> from bchmemo import MemoUser
>>> user = MemoUser('bitcoincash:qqplzy4l2uxzwa5k3zc2mftkw3q6340a4cfy4kd3nf')
>>> user.private_key = 'PRIVATEKEY'

>>> user.set_name('Test User For Python Package')
Successfully sent! txid=d8c9d05ffefd5211353b3ef7b47ede424d3b78f7f1a4911d5d8792ae35072c04
Check it on:

>>>user.post_memo('First memo from python package!')
Successfully sent! txid=1f84551778197aae7ea82dced737d4ef644b9517e91cc867a354a1aad55f9b09
Check it on:

Successfully sent! txid=8d95e27eb1df5c4d97446fda69baab3fa7df568131252d2685d7c3203c366fe1
Check it on:

Successfully sent! txid=262fd91e68381e1d32a6b5d93b8d672d12117588efadaa02e603aaf6253728ee
Check it on:

Test User For Python Package@...4kd3nf posted at 2018-04-25 02:31:49
First memo from python package!

Liked  (f0e24cbeb7d5cebc1577d76385892c0f28d50d34f24729981617c64441329de5) at 2018-04-25 02:31:49

3qcn80 bitcoincash:qzdxp2z5yuxzlskafh2d8wsq7grg7rt46csg3qcn80

If you want to generate private keys, you can use bitcash from sporestack


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