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A Python Beaker client

Project description


A lightweight, standalone, pure Python client for Beaker

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🪶 Lightweight

  • Minimal dependencies.
  • Only pure-Python dependencies.
  • Communicates directly with the Beaker server via HTTP requests (Beaker CLI not required).

💪 Robust

  • Automatically retries failed HTTP requests with exponential backoff.
  • Runtime data validation.
  • High test coverage.

📓 Exhaustively-typed and documented

  • Thorough data model for all input / output types.
  • Every expected HTTP error from the Beaker server is translated into a specific exception type.

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Installing with pip

beaker-py is available on PyPI. Just run

pip install beaker-py

Installing from source

To install beaker-py from source, first clone the repository:

git clone
cd beaker-py

Then run

pip install -e .

Quick start

If you've already configured the Beaker command-line client, beaker-py will find and use the existing configuration file (usually located at $HOME/.beaker/config.yml). Otherwise just set the environment variable BEAKER_TOKEN to your Beaker user token.

Either way, you should then instantiate the Beaker client with .from_env():

from beaker import Beaker

beaker = Beaker.from_env(default_workspace="my_org/my_workspace")

The API of beaker-py is meant to mirror - as closely as possible - the API of the Beaker CLI. For example, when you do this with the CLI:

beaker dataset create --name foo .

The beaker-py equivalent would be:

beaker.dataset.create("foo", ".")

See the API Docs to learn about the Beaker client's methods.

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