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A python tool to create simple HTML5 presentation slideshow

Project description

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Beampy is a python tool to create slide-show in svg that can be displayed with HTML5 (tested on Firefox and Chromium) The size of slides is fixed, like in a Latex Beamer document.

Beampy presentation output only one html file with every contents embedded.


From Python Package Index:

pip install beampy-slideshow

See full installation documentation

A quick example :

from beampy import *

doc = document()

with slide():
    maketitle('Beampy a tool to make simple presentation', ['H. Chauvet'])

with slide('Beampy test'):
    text(r'\href{#0}{Go to Title}')
    text(r'Use LaTeX to render text and $$\sqrt{10}$$', align='center')

with slide('Beampy test with animated layers'):
    text(r'\href{#0}{Go to Title}')[:]
    text(r'Use LaTeX to render text and $$\sqrt{10}$$', align='center')[1]


#To save in pdf just change the above command to the following


Change log:


  • Fix important issues with encoding for python 2 and 3.
  • Fix problems with missing references in svg generated by dvisvgm (seed issue #18 for the whole story), which creates missing part of latex stuff in the svg.
  • Better management of the temporary files
  • Update scour (svg optimizer to it's last version)


  • Beampy is now python 3 and 2 compatible (at least 2.7 and 3.7) !
  • Introduce integrated testing with pytest framework (still no unit-tests of the core functions of beampy)
  • Fix bug when save multiple format at the same time, no more duplication of texts issue #13
  • Add mode logging.debug outputs
  • Add option to specify the location of the presentation source file ( doc = document(source_filename=name) )


Some minor fix:

  • Fix bug in layer propagation for box
  • Fix bug when last layer is set as [n:]
  • Start using logging.debug in modules


  • Fix bug with dvisvgm output for tikz dvi (function latex2svg has now an option to write the svg produced by dvisvgm).

  • Add tableofcontents modules See documentation.

  • Add a BeamerFrankfurt theme See documentation.

  • Figure module accepts animated gif.

  • Extra latex packages could be added to text module with the "extra_packages" argument.

  • Compute svg rectangle and circle size which improve the rendering speed (no need to call Inkscape).

  • Improve box module (it is now a subclass of group) See documentation.

  • Correct some scale factors in the convert_unit function.

  • Width and height are now Length objects and accept complex operations like:

    # 50% of the currentwidth 
    a = rectangle(width='50%', height=10)
    # width/height relative to the a element
    b = rectangle(width=a.width/2+'2cm', height=a.height/'10pt')
  • module position (x,y) operation now accept Length objects (width/height):

    a = rectangle(width='50%', height=10)
    b = rectangle(x=a.width+'2cm', y=a.height+5)
  • Change the core of beampy to render elements when needed for operation on position or length (i.e. when you make an operation on an element width or height that is unknown, the element will be rendered to get its size and allow the operation)

  • Add "zorder" operation for modules (above/below/last/first) to change their overlay order:

    a = rectangle(x='center', y='center', width=50, height=50)
    b = rectangle(x='center', y='center', width=a.height+100,
                  height=a.height+100, color='red')
    # Make b appears below a
    # equivalent to a.above(b) or a.last() or b.first()


  • Fix several bugs in bokeh figures (thx to Silmathoron)
  • Fix bokeh figure resizing, it's now use the "sizing_mode = scale_both" from bokeh and revert the css transform scaling for the bokeh div.
  • Fix javascript loader for bokeh (new bokeh version (>0.12.6) named their main div "bk_root")
  • Add function to cache file in beampy cache class
  • Cache javascript external libraries files from bokeh (download from their CDN, if "doc = document(cache=False)")


  • Add box function to decorate group

  • New experimental way to write text inside presentation using context manager

    with text(width=400):
         Any comment inside the context manager will be passed to the
         text function as input argument. This allows clearer source
         when writing long texts.
         No more need to add an *r* before to protect the text passed to
         latex, it's now automatically added.
  • Correct bug when only html object are present in one slide

  • Correct small typos in the install section of the documentation.


  • First draf of Beampy documentation
  • Add documentation in Beampy module
  • Add 'anchor' key to position dictionary to define anchor along the bounding-box of module to place them.
  • Add to store functions that call beampy modules.
  • Add function bounding_box(module) to to draw bounding box with anchors around Beampy modules. Add also a function to draw axes on slide, draw_axes()


  • Partially fix issue #12.
  • Clean code syntaxe.


  • Introduce layer mechanism. Slide elements can be animated by layers allowing mechanism like beamer "\only". The layer are managed as python slicing on Beampy modules.

    with slide('Test layers'):
      text('First printed on layer 0')
      text('Secondly printed on layer 1')[1]
      text('Printed from layer 2 to 3')[2,3]
      text('Printed on all layers')[:]
      text('Printed on layer 4')[4]
      with group(width=300)[2:]:
          text('Printed inside group')
          text('for layers 2 to end')


  • The core of Beampy slide processor has been rewritten and now allows recursive group of elements.

    with group():
      with group(width=300):
          with group(width=200):
              text('nice legend')
  • If a group width is given all elements in groups without specified width take the width of the group

    with group(width=200):
      text('nice legend')
      # Figure and text width will be automatically set to 200 px
  • Relative placement now could be done on auto positioned elements

    t0 = text('toto')
    text('tata', + center(0), t0.bottom + 0.1)
  • Video now could use external links (with embedded=True) rather than be included in the html file. The video is loaded from disk (be careful with file path) when the slide is displayed on screen.


  • All texts are preprocessed in a single latex file (Latex is called only once: improve compilation time)
  • Cache bug fix: Video and svg are now cached correctly


  • Improve cache: one file per element cached (don't write the cache twice!)

  • Svg: Add line and rectangle commands to easily draw lines and rectangles

  • Relative placement: add shortcut center(shift), right(shift) and bottom(shift) to change the anchor of the current element.

      e1 = text('Somthing', x=0.2, y=0.4)
      e2 = text('An other thing', 
                x=e1.left + right(0.1), 
       + center(0))


  • Matplotlib figures can now be directly passed to figure() or a list of matplotlib figures can be animated with animatesvg()
  • Minor improvement in cache size (content is no more stored in cache file)
  • Update of scour version (svg-optimiser)


  • Glyph paths from Latex are now unique (this reduce the number of svg lines in documents)
  • Add svg command ton include raw svg in slide
  • Improve the theme flexibility, a background with interactive elements can now be created!


  • All slide are now loaded into ram, improve speed
  • Modules are now classes which inherit from a base class "beampy_module" in modules/
  • cache is now unique for all format (pdf, svg, html) and special keys can be added to modules in order to create their chache id


See Beampy documentation install page

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