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Store bench result from JMeter of FunkLoad for reporting.

Project description


benchbase - Store and manage JMeter or FunkLoad benchmark results.

Produces detailed reports.

Visit to see report examples.


benchbase [–version] [–logfile=LOGFILE] [–database=DATABASE] COMMAND [OPTIONS] [ARGUMENT]



List the imported benchmark in the database.

info BID

Give more information about the benchmark with the bid number (benchmark identifier).

import [–jmeter|–funkload|–comment=COMMENT] FILE

Import the benchmark result into the database. Output the BID number. The input file can be gzipped.

addsar –host HOST [–comment=COMMENT] BID SAR

Import the text sysstat sar output, the input file can be gzipped.

report –output REPORT_DIR BID

Generate the report for the imported benchmark


benchbase list

List of imported benchmarks.

benchbase import -m”Run 42” jmeter-2010.xml

Import a JMeter benchmark result file, this will output a BID number.

benchbase addsar -H”localhost” -m”bencher host” 1 /tmp/sysstat-sar.log.gz

Attach a gzipped sysstat sar file for the bench BID 1.

benchbase report 1 -o /tmp/report-run42

Build the report of benchmark BID 1 into /tmp/report-run42 directory.


Benchbase requires gnuplot and sqlite3, on Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo aptitude install sqlite3 gnuplot


sudo easy_install benchbase



Supported JMeter file format is JTL 2.1 sample attributes.

This has been tested using an ant script with the following configuration:

<jmeter ...>
 <property name="file_format.testlog" value="2.1"/>
 <property name="" value="xml"/>
 <property name="" value="true"/>
 <property name="" value="true"/>

The CSV output is also supported in 10 or 12 columns

10: ['ts', 't', 'lb', 'tn', 'de', 's', 'by', 'ng', 'na', 'lt'],
12: ['ts', 't', 'lb', 'rc', 'rm', 'tn', 'de', 's', 'by', 'ng', 'na', 'lt']}


Should work with any FunkLoad xml result file.

Sysstat sar file

Supported sysstat sar format is the text output. For instance you can capture stuff like this:

sar -d -o /tmp/ 1 100 > /dev/null 2>&1 &

This gets stats every second during 100s and store the result in a file.

To get the text output you need to run this:

LC_ALL=C sar -f /tmp/ -A > /tmp/sar.log

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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