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A BibTex parser and converter

Project description


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bib2x is a tool for parsing and processing BibTeX files.

bib2x is currently under development. The latest version is 0.4.0.

The current use cases are:

  • Convert BibTeX-files to JSON


bib2x -i turing.bib -o turing.json -f json

Converts the BibTeX-file "turing.bib" into the JSON-file "turing.json" with the BibTeX entries.

bib2x -i turing.bib -o turing.html -f html

Converts the BibTeX-file "turing.bib" into a file named "turing.html" that contains a HTML list with the BibTeX entries.


Being a somehow busy scientific coworker and a software guy, I wanted to render my publications for my web site.

For this purpose, I wrote BibPres, a commercial tool that uses JSON to store a publications list and JavaScript to render and interact with it.

bib2x is a rework of BibPres released as open source. Currently, only the parser is being ported as I want to change it so that it renders plain HTML, not a JSON file.

If you have any comments, ideas, or critics, please let me know.


bib2x is licensed under the BSD license.


Running on the Command Line

bib2x is implemented in Python. It is started on the command line.

bib2x reads the BibTeX file defined using the --input <BIBTEX_FILE> option. It converts it to the format defined using the option --format <FORMAT> and saves it under the name defined using the option --output <FILE>. Currently, only "json" is available as destination format.


bib2x -i turing.bib -o turing.json

Converts the BibTeX-file "turing.bib" into the JSON-file "turing.json".

Command line arguments

The script can be started on the command line with the following options:

  • --input <BIBTEX_FILE> / -i <BIBTEX_FILE>: The BibTeX file to load
  • --output <FILE> / -o <FILE>: The file to write
  • --format <FORMAT> / -f <FORMAT>: The type of file to write ['json']
  • --help: Show a help message
  • --version: Show the version information

Further Links

ChangeLog for bib2x

bib2x-0.4.0 (27.03.2023)

  • Work on the documentation
  • Added HTML output
  • Further tests

bib2x-0.2.0 (08.03.2023)

  • Initial version

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