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Project description

# bigcode-astgen-py

Generate Python files AST in a format compatible with [150k Python Dataset][1].

The code is mostly copied from [150k Python Dataset][1] and adapted to work with Python 3.

Note that this tool will only be able to parse the version of Python it is running, as it is internally using Python ast module, which uses the current Python parser.

## Install

This tool can be installed by running

` pip install bigcode-astgen `

or by fetching this repository and running

` cd ast-generators/python pip install . `

## CLI usage

` bigcode-astgen-py -o <output> <input> `

<input> should be a file, or a glob expression to files.

### Normal mode

In normal mode, <input> is interpreted as a filename and the resulting AST is outputed in <output> if provided, else printed to stdout.

### Batch mode

In batch mode, <input> is interpreted as a glob, and all matching files are parsed. <output> is a prefix and <output>.json, <output>.txt and <output>_failed.txt files will be created.

  • <output>.json - contains a JSON formatted AST per line

  • <output>.txt - contains a filename per line, in the same order as <output>.json

  • <output>_failed.txt - contains a filename per line, with the reason why it could not be parsed

### Example

#### Normal mode

` bigcode-astgen-py bigcode_astgen/ `

parse bigcode_astgen/ and output the result to stdout.

#### Batch mode

` bigcode-astgen-py --batch -o result/asts "src/**/*.py" `

parse all .py files in src directory and output results in the result directory with the prefix asts.

## Python API

### bigcode_astgen.ast_generator.parse_string

Returns the AST nodes of the given string


  • content: string containing a Python program

### bigcode_astgen.ast_generator.parse_file

Returns the AST nodes of the given file


  • filename: path to a file containing a Python program

### bigcode_astgen.ast_bulk_processor.process_files

Process all the files matched with the files_pattern and output the results in output_dir


  • files_pattern: a glob pattern containing python files

  • output: the filename (without extension) where to output results

## License

I could not find the license of [150k Python Dataset][1] source code from which bigcode_astgen/ is copied. Therefore, until further notice, this project does not follow the MIT license as the rest of the repository.


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