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Python3 porting of bitfield( with all respect

Project description

# bitfieldpy
Python3 porting of [bitfield]( with all respect
to the original designer.

`python3 bitfield.json > bitfield.svg`

The library works exactly same as original program, except some of command line options.

- Added `-s/--svg` to output to a file in addition with redirecting(`>`)
- More strict to JSON format

# Install
The library requires svgwrite and attrdict libraries.

- `pip3 install bitfieldpy`(install archive from pypi)
- `pip3 install git+`(edge/developing version)

# Options

usage: [-h] [--input INPUT] [--svg SVG] [--vspace VSPACE]
[--hspace HSPACE] [--lanes LANES] [--bits BITS]
[--font-family FONT_FAMILY] [--font-weight FONT_WEIGHT]
[--font-size FONT_SIZE]

bitfield clone in python(experimental)

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--input INPUT, -i INPUT
<input bitfield source filename>
--svg SVG, -s SVG <output SVG image file name>
--vspace VSPACE, -V VSPACE
height per lane in px
--hspace HSPACE, -H HSPACE
width per lane in px
--lanes LANES, -L LANES
number of lane
--bits BITS, -B BITS total bitwidth
font family for all texts
font weight
--font-size FONT_SIZE, -S FONT_SIZE
font size

| parameter | optional | purpose | default |
| `--input`/`-i` | **N** | input file name | |
| `--svg`/`-s` | **N** | output file name | |
| `--vspace`/`-V` | Y | height per lane in px | 80 |
| `--hspace`/`-H` | Y | width per lane in px | 640 |
| `--lanes`/`-L` | Y | number of lanes | 2 |
| `--bits`/`-B` | Y | total bit width | 32 |
| `--font-family`/`-F` | Y | font family for all texts | "sans-serif" |
| `--font-font_weight`/`-W` | Y | font weight | "normal" |
| `--font-size`/`-S` | Y | font size | 14 |


# License
**MIT License (c) 2018 Kazuki Yamamoto**

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