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Binary JData and UBJSON encoder/decoder

Project description

Binary JData for Python - a lightweight binary JSON format

  • Copyright: (C) Qianqian Fang (2020-2023) <q.fang at>
  • Copyright: (C) Iotic Labs Ltd. (2016-2019) <vilnis.termanis at>
  • License: Apache License, Version 2.0
  • Version: 0.4.1
  • URL:
  • Github:
  • BJData Spec Version: V1 Draft 2
  • Acknowledgement: This project is supported by US National Institute of Health (NIH) grant U24-NS124027

Build Status

This is a Python v3.2+ (and 2.7+) Binary JData encoder and decoder based on the Draft-2 specification.

Installing / packaging

## To get from PyPI
pip3 install bjdata

Other instalation options

## Installing / packaging

## To get from PyPI without root/administrator privilege
pip3 install bjdata --user

## To get from PyPI via python
python3 -mpip install bjdata

## To only build extension modules in-place (e.g. in repository)
python3 build_ext -i

## To build & install globally
python3 install

## To skip building of extensions when installing (or building)
PYBJDATA_NO_EXTENSION=1 python3 install

This package can be directly installed on Debian Bullseye/Ubuntu 21.04 or newer via

sudo apt-get install python3-bjdata

Both python-bjdata (for Python 2.7+) and python3-bjdata (for Python 3.x) can also be installed on Ubuntu via

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fangq/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-bjdata python3-bjdata


  • The extension module is not required but provide a significant speed boost.
  • The above can also be run with v2.7+ (replacing pip3 and python3 above by pip and python, respectively)
  • At run time, one can check whether compiled version is in use via the bjdata.EXTENSION_ENABLED boolean


It's meant to behave very much like Python's built-in JSON module, e.g.:

import bjdata as bj

encoded = bj.dumpb(obj)
decoded = bj.loadb(encoded)

Note: Only unicode strings in Python 2 will be encoded as strings, plain str will be encoded as a byte array.


import bjdata as bj

Command-line utility

This converts between JSON and BJData formats:

python3 -mbjdata
USAGE: bjdata (fromjson|tojson) (INFILE|-) [OUTFILE]


python3 -mbjdata fromjson input.json output.bjd
python3 -mbjdata tojson   input.bjd  output.json



This library has been checked using flake8 and pylint, using a modified configuration - see pylint.rc and flake8.cfg.


python3 -mvenv py
. py/bin/activate
pip install -U pip setuptools
pip install -e .[dev]


Note: See for additional requirements.


  • The No-Op type is only supported by the decoder. (This should arguably be a protocol-level rather than serialisation-level option.) Specifically, it is only allowed to occur at the start or between elements of a container and only inside un-typed containers. (In a typed container it is impossible to tell the difference between an encoded element and a No-Op.)
  • Strongly-typed containers are only supported by the decoder (apart from for bytes/bytearray) and not for No-Op.
  • Encoder/decoder extensions are not supported at this time.
  • Encoder/decoder only support numpy NDarrays and scalars, other numpy types are not supported.


This package was modified based on the py-ubjson package developed by Iotic Labs Ltd. Project URL:

The major changes were focused on supporting the Binary JData Specification Draft 2 - an extended Universal Binary JSON (UBJSON) Specification Draft-12 by adding the below new features:

  • BJData adds 4 new numeric data types: uint16 [u], uint32 [m], uint64 [M] and float16 [h]
  • BJData supports an optimized ND array container
  • BJData does not convert NaN/Inf/-Inf to null
  • BJData uses little-Endian as the default integer/floating-point numbers while UBJSON uses big-Endian
  • BJData only permits non-zero-fixed-length data types (UiuImlMLhdDC) in strongly-typed array/object containers

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