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A library for writing imperative quantum computing programs in Cirq.

Project description

blqs_cirq: Taking the pain out of writing Cirq programs

Blqs_cirq is a library that uses blqs to make it easier to write Cirq programs.

Here is the creation of a simple circuit in Cirq

import cirq
circuit = cirq.Circuit()
q0, q1 = cirq.LineQubit.range(2)
circuit.append(cirq.CX(q0, q1))
circuit.append(measure(q0, key='a'))

Blqs_cirq makes it so that you can write this more like a normal imperative program

import blqs_cirq as bc
from blqs_cirq import CX, H, measure

# Write the function imperatively.
def my_circuit():
    CX(0, 1)
    measure(q0, key='a')

# To create the circuit we simply call the function.
circuit = my_circuit()

Blqs provides supports for all the gates in Cirq, along with all the various ways to use these gates to create operations.

But wait, there is more. Blqs_cirq supports

  • Simplification of qubit specification. Instead of creating LineQubit or NamedQubit, etc., one can simply use integers (converted to LineQubits), 2-tuples or 2-lists (converted to GridQubits) or strings (converted to NamedQubits). Custom conversions are also possible.

  • Simplification of control flow primitives. For example Cirq currently supports a subcircuit which can be repeated. For example here we repeat a small circuit within our circuit:
def my_circuit():
    with Repeat(repetitions=10):
        CX(0, 1)

As more control operations are added to Cirq these will be added to blqs_cirq.

  • Simple building of Moments. For example, the code below builds two moments:
def my_circuit():
    with Moment():
    with Moment():
  • Support for Cirq's insertion strategies:
def my_circuit():
    with bc.InsertStrategy(cirq.InsertStrategy.NEW):


To install blqs_cirq one can simply pip install the appropriate package

pip install blqs_cirq

Note that installing blqs_cirq will also install blqs and cirq.


A good place to start is with the introduction, followed by a look at the important features. For a quick intro via a jupyter notebook, see hello blqs_cirq.

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