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This is a simple blynk HTTP/HTTPS API wrapper.

Project description

# blynkapi

This is a simple blynk HTTP/HTTPS API wrapper.

### Introduction
This library created for simple using [Blynk API]( and manage your project via python. It's simple one class lib which used `urllib2` for requests.

You can also:
- Read/write pin value
- Check hardware network status
- Check application network status
- Send push notification
- Send email
- Get pin history data
- Get QR for project cloning
- Get project info
- Query API

### Installation

Install via pip
pip install blynkapi
after installation import it in your code
from blynkapi import Blynk

Or simple copy `blynkapi/` to your main python program dir and import it
from Blynk import *

### Using
# if you install it from pip, else use `from Blynk import *`
from blynkapi import Blynk
# vars
auth_token = "sdjflksjflkdsjfkldsjfkldfkldjflk"

# create objects
room_light = Blynk(auth_token, pin = "V3")
kitchen_light = Blynk(auth_token, pin = "V4")
house_door = Blynk(auth_token, pin = "V5")
amp_power = Blynk(auth_token, pin = "V6")

# get current status
res = room_light.get_val()
print res

# set pin value (one)

# set pin value to 1
# set pin value to 0

### Available methods

All methods return values from API or error if it fixed. For detailed description of returning values and scheme read official [Blynk API guide] (

Creating main object
Blynk(token, server, protocol, port, pin, value)
- `token` - Your project token
- `server` - Blynk server for API requests, default ""
- `protocol` - http or https, default "http"
- `port` - Your Blynk server API port, default "8080"
- `pin` - Pin for working with, default "None"
- `value` - Value for method get_val, default "None"

To turn pin on (set val "1" to pin)

To turn pin off (set val "0" to pin)

To set your value for pin
- `value` - Custom value in list ["x"] or multiple values in list ["x", "y"]. [Details] (

To get data from pin

Send push notification
- `value` - String no more than 255 chars.

Send email
email(to, title, subj)
- `to` - String
- `title` - String
- `subj` - String

Check hardware status (connection to server)

Check app status (connection to server)

Get pin history

Get QR image

Get project info For details see [docs] (

Query API. For details see [docs] (
query_api(groupBy, aggregation, pin, value)
- `groupBy` - String
- `aggregation` - String
- `pin` - String
- `value` - String

### Todos

- Write Tests



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