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This package enables you receive BMRS data as json instead of the default XML

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For returning BMRS API data in json format, it fetches data and auto converts it to a dictionary object, easier for data processing.


  2. xmltodict


Use the package manager pip to install bmrs-json-api.

pip install bmrs

Example Usage

'''This could be your example consumer file from which you will receive and process the API responses'''
from bmrs import connect_to_api

def on_message(json_response):
    '''Receive a JSON response and do stuff with it'''
    # print(json_response)

# If client_id is not specified, the computer hostname is automatically picked
# but that means only one connection per computer (name)
    api_key = 'YOUR API KEY HERE',
    client_id = 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE',
    listener=on_message # mention the name of your main data receiving function as a parameter

Known bugs

Dealing with disconnects doesn't recyle threads

Getting API key

  • Register on the ELEXON Portal.
  • The API Key is the Scripting Key under Basics on your profile.

Imposter syndrome disclaimer: We want your help. No, really.

There may be a little voice inside your head that is telling you that you're not ready to be an open source contributor; that your skills aren't nearly good enough to contribute. What could you possibly offer a project like this one?

We assure you - the little voice in your head is wrong. If you can write code at all, you can contribute code to open source. Contributing to open source projects is a fantastic way to advance one's coding skills. Writing perfect code isn't the measure of a good developer (that would disqualify all of us!); it's trying to create something, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. That's how we all improve, and we are happy to help others learn.

Being an open source contributor doesn't just mean writing code, either. You can help out by writing documentation, tests, or even giving feedback about the project (and yes - that includes giving feedback about the contribution process). Some of these contributions may be the most valuable to the project as a whole, because you're coming to the project with fresh eyes, so you can see the errors and assumptions that seasoned contributors have glossed over.


For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to contribute. Please make sure to update tests as appropriate. Also, add your name to the readme in the Contributors section (below).

Contributors and acknowledgment

  1. Edison Abahurire simicode - BDFL
  2. Elijah Rwothoromo rwothoromo - For big updates to documentation
  3. Martin Ahindura Tinitto - For adding the durable connection method



Packaged with: Flit

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