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zc.buildout to configure a fedora instance

Project description


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bodleian.recipe.fedorainstance is a `Buildout <>`_ recipe
to install an unpacked fedora webapp to your existing Tomcat container.

You must mention the recipe in your build out section::

recipe = bodleian.recipe.fedorainstance

Supported options

the recipe supports the following options:

fedora version. Valid values are: 4, 3, 3.8, 3.7, 2.2.4 And version 3.7 is
a default for ``version`` = 3. Default configurations can be found in

tomcat installation directory.

the url suffix that should lead to your fedora instance under tomcat. It
should be only a single word. This is not applicable when ``version`` is set
to 2.

Optional options

the url to your fedora package. You may want to override the default
download url in *bodleian/recipe/fedorainstance/recipe_config.ini*.

set 'false' will prevent the recipe from unpacking the fedora war file to
tomcat webapps. In other words, it instructs this recipe to copy the war
to tomcat webapps directory only.

override '/usr/bin/java' if your java is found somewhere else

Fedora 2 and 3 specific options

a signal to the reciepe to clear the destination directory with the
new content. The previous content is backed up in /tmp. Please
check your build log when you have put the stone on your toe, for
example, your fedora buldout got important data that you regretted
to use overwrite-existing==true.

a key-value dictionary that you will need to supply to call
**java -jar fcrepo-installer-3.x.jar** from command line.

An example is::

recipe = bodleian.recipe.fedorainstance
version = 3
tomcat-home = /tmp/tomcat
fedora-url-suffix = fedora
unpack-war-file = true
install-properties =

.. note::

For feodra 3, please set
**fedora.serverContext=${your-build-target:fedora-url-suffix}** in install-properties.
Otherwise, this recipe cannot find the fedora war file for deploying it to tomcat


Please fork it to your repo and then submit merge requests.
Here is how you do tests::

$ python install
$ pip install -r tests/requirements.txt
$ make

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bodleian.recipe.fedora-2.0.tar.gz (6.3 kB view hashes)

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