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A program to help build, maintain, and release PEP 517-compliant projects.

Project description

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A frontend for building and releasing PEP 517 compliant projects, including support for generating a ZipApp.

Includes a basic task runner, in the form of bork run <task name>. Tasks are defined in your pyproject.toml file.

Bork requires Python 3.8 or newer.


$ pip3 install bork

Or download the latest zipapp releases


Example usage information is provided below. Additional documentation can be found at

Downloading Existing Builds

To download a release from GitHub:

$ bork download gh:duckinator/emanate # download latest .pyz for Emanate
$ bork download gh:duckinator/emanate --directory bin/ # put files in ./bin
$ bork download gh:ppb/pursuedpybear --files '*.tar.gz' # download latest .tar.gz file

To download a wheel from a PyPi release:

$ bork download pypi:emanate 6.0.0 --files '*.whl'

To download a wheel from a release on PyPi's test instance:

$ bork download testpypi:whaledo 1.0.1 --files '*.whl'

Building and Releasing

Assuming a project is PEP 517 compliant, you can just do:

$ bork clean # Remove anything in build/, dist/, *.egg-info/
$ bork build # Build the project
$ bork release # Release to PyPI

ZipApp Support

If you want to build a ZipApp, add this to your pyproject.toml:

enabled = true
main = "<entrypoint>"

Where <entrypoint> is of the form "module.submodule:function", and may be equivalent to a console_script entrypoint in setup.cfg.

NOTE: ZipApps will only be compressed when using Python 3.7 and later. This means ZipApps created with older versions may be significantly larger.

Uploading To GitHub Releases

If you want to upload assets to GitHub Releases, you can add the following configuration to your pyproject.toml:

name = "<project name>"

# If true, release to PyPi; otherwise, don't.
pypi = true
# If true, release to GitHub; otherwise, don't.
github = true # release to GitHub
# GitHub repository, e.g. "duckinator/bork".
github_repository = "<owner>/<repo>"
# List of file globs to include in GitHub Releases.
github_release_globs = ["dist/*.pyz", "dist/*.whl"]
# If true, zipapps are named "<name>.pyz", otherwise "<name>-<version>.pyz".
strip_zipapp_version = true

Aliases (Basic task runner)

Bork includes a very basic task runner, for single-line commands.

As an example, here is what Bork uses:

lint = [
    "pylint bork tests",
    "mypy bork",
# Runs all tests.
test = "pytest --verbose"
# Runs fast tests.
test-fast = "pytest --verbose -m 'not slow'"
# Runs slow tests.
test-slow = "pytest --verbose -m slow"
# Build docs
docs = "mkdocs build"

Then you can run bork aliases to get the list of aliases:

~/bork$ bork aliases

And run bork run <alias> to run that alias:

~/bork$ bork run docs
mkdocs build
INFO     -  Cleaning site directory
INFO     -  Building documentation to directory: /usr/home/puppy/bork/site
INFO     -  Documentation built in 0.25 seconds


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the code of conduct.

The code for Bork is available under the MIT License.

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