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Search using special commands

Project description

# Bounce

It’s a keyword search engine, meaning you can configure it to redirect yt to Youtube, so a search like yt weird al would redirect right to Youtube’s search.

1 minute getting started

  1. Install it

    $ pip install bounce
  2. Start it:

    $ bounce-server
  3. Query it:

    $ curl " weird al"

You can also run it using any WSGI server like uWSGI using the included as the wsgi-file.


url configuration

Bounce has a built-in configuration file with generic mappings but you can also create your own that bounce will read when starting by setting the environment variable BOUNCE_CONFIG with a path to your custom configuration python file:

export BOUNCE_CONFIG=/path/to/

The file must import bounce.core.commands:

from bounce.core import commands

The commands.add() method takes a space separated list of commands and a value:

commands.add("foo bar", "{}")

So, if you called bounce with the input:

foo blammo

It would redirect to:

You could also call it with bar blammo and get the same thing because we set up the command keywords as foo bar so either foo or bar would redirect.

Notice that the value is a python format string.

callback configuration

value can also be a callback:

def callback(q):
    # manipulat q in some way and then return where you would like to go
    return '{}'.format(q)

commands.add("foo bar", callback)

That makes it so bounce can do all kinds of crazy things.

default configuration

By default, Google is the search engine of choice, so if you don’t start your request with a command, bounce will redirect to Google search with your search string. If you would like to change this just pass default=True to one of your custom commands:

commands.add("keyword", "value", default=True)

Viewing configuration

the command ls will list all the commands bounce supports


To test locally from the repo:

$ python bounce/bin/bounce-server

That should produce output like this:

* Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
* Restarting with stat
* Debugger is active!
* Debugger pin code: XXX-XXX-XXX

Which you can then use to test:

$ curl ""

And that’s it.

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