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Simple web file browser

Project description

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Simple web file browser using flask


  • Simple, like Python’s SimpleHTTPServer or Apache’s Directory Listing.

  • Downloadable directories, streaming tarballs on the fly.

  • Optional remove for files under given path.

  • Optional upload for directories under given path.

  • Player a simple player plugin is provided (without transcoding).


It’s on pypi so…

pip install browsepy

You can get the development version from our github repository.

pip install git+


Serving $HOME/shared to all addresses

python -m browsepy 8080 --directory $HOME/shared

Showing help

python -m browsepy --help

Command-line arguments

  • –directory=PATH : directory will be served, defaults to current path

  • –initial=PATH : starting directory, defaults to –directory

  • –removable=PATH : directory where remove will be available, disabled by default

  • –upload=PATH : directory where upload will be available, disabled by default

  • –plugins=PLUGIN_LIST : comma-separated plugin modules

  • –debug : enable debug mode

Using as library

It’s a python module, so you can import browsepy, mount app, and serve it (it’s wsgi compliant) using your preferred server.

Browsepy is a Flask application, so it can be served along with any wsgi app just setting APPLICATION_ROOT in config to browsepy prefix url, and mounting on the appropriate parent url-resolver/router.

Browsepy app config (available at provides the following configuration options.

  • directory_base, directory will be served

  • directory_start, starting directory

  • directory_remove, directory where remove will be available, defaults to None

  • directory_upload, directory where upload will be available, defaults to None

  • directory_tar_buffsize, directory tar streaming buffer size (must be multiple of 512), defaults to 262144

  • directory_downloadable whether enable directory download or not, defaults to True

  • use_binary_multiples wheter use binary units (-bibytes, like KiB) or not (bytes, like KB), defaults to True

  • plugin_modules module names (absolute or relative to plugin_namespaces) which comply the plugin spec

  • plugin_namespaces namespaces where relative plugin_modules are searched


Starting from version 0.4.0, browsepy is extensible via plugins. An functional ‘player’ plugin is provided as example, and some more are planned.

Plugins are able to load Javascript and CSS files on browsepy, add Flask endpoints, and add links to them on the file browser (modifying the default link or adding buttons) based on the file mimetype. Look at tests and bundled plugins for reference.


Screenshot of directory with enabled remove

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