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Bugzilla CLI client, XML-RPC binding and VCS plugins

Project description

bugzillatools consists of the bugzilla CLI program and a Python library for interacting with the Bugzilla bug tracking system, and plugins for version control systems that enable interaction with Bugzilla installations.

The only dependency is Python 2.7 and bugzillatools works with Bugzilla 4.0 or later where the XML-RPC feature is enabled.


# via pip
pip install bugzillatools         # as superuser
pip install bugzillatools --user  # user site-packages installation

# from source
python install           # as superuser
python install --user    # user site-packages installation

The bin/ directory in your user base directory will need to appear on the PATH if installing to user site-packages. This directory is system dependent; see PEP 370.

If installing to user site-packages, some manual moving or symlinking of files will be required for the Bazaar plugin to be detected by Bazaar. PEP 402 speaks to this shortcoming.


bugzilla program

Command-line application for interacting with Bugzilla servers. The following subcommands are available:

assign:Assign bugs to the given user.
block:Show or update block list of given bugs.
cc:Show or update CC List.
comment:List comments or file a comment on the given bugs.
config:Show or update configuration.
depend:Show or update dependencies of given bugs.
desc:Show the description of the given bug(s).
dump:Print internal representation of bug data.
edit:Edit the given bugs.
fields:List valid values for bug fields.
help:Show help.
history:Show the history of the given bugs.
info:Show detailed information about the given bugs.
list:Show a one-line summary of the given bugs.
new:File a new bug.
priority:Set the priority on the given bugs.
products:List the products of a Bugzilla instance.
search:Search for bugs matching given criteria.
status:Set the status of the given bugs.
time:Show or adjust times and estimates for the given bugs.


Library providing access to Bugzilla instances through the XML-RPC interface. Supports bug creation, bug information and comment retrieval, updating bug fields and appending comments to bugs.

Bazaar plugin

This plugin, when enabled for Bugzilla bugtrackers, marks bugs fixed on those trackers when bzr commit is invoked with the --fixes argument. It also adds a comment to the bug that includes the branch location, the commit message, the list of changed files and other details about the commit.

The Bazaar plugin requires Bazaar 2.0 or later.



The bugzilla program looks for its configuration in ~/.bugzillarc, which uses ini-style configuration.


Name of the default server


Option names are aliases; their values are the replacement.


Define a server. bugzillatools supports multiple servers; the --server=<name> argument can be used to select a server.

Base URL of the Bugzilla server (mandatory)
Bugzilla username (optional)
Bugzilla password (optional)
When the assign command is used, if the current status of a bug is in the first list, the status will be updated to the second item. The format is: <oldstatus>[,<oldstatus>]* <newstatus>. An appropriate value for the default Bugzilla workflow might be: "UNCONFIRMED,CONFIRMED IN_PROGRESS".
If provided and if the provided string corresponds to the name of a product on this server, use that product as the default. The user will still be prompted to confirm.

Example .bugzillarc

server = example

url =
user =
password = sekrit

fix = status --status RESOLVED --resolution FIXED
wfm = status --status RESOLVED --resolution WORKSFORME
confirm = status --status CONFIRMED

Bazaar plugin

To enable the Bazaar bugzillatools plugin, include following configuration directives in either ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf (global configuration) or .bzr/branch/branch.conf (within a branch):

bugzilla_<server>_bugzillatools_enable = True
bugzilla_<server>_url = <bugzilla url>
bugzilla_<server>_status = RESOLVED
bugzilla_<server>_resolution = FIXED

Such a configuration assumes that a section [server.<server>] has been defined in your .bugzillarc.

You can now set the status of bugs (using the status and resolution defined in the Bazaar config) directly:

bzr commit -m 'fix bug 123' --fixes <server>:123


bugzillatools is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


The bugzillatools source code is available from

Bug reports, patches, feature requests, code review and documentation are welcomed.

To submit a patch, please use git send-email or generate a pull request. Write a well formed commit message. If your patch is nontrivial, update the copyright notice at the top of each changed file.


v0.5.5 :: Sat Apr 25 2015

New features:

  • comment command learned the --private option (contributed by Johannes Segitz)

Bug fixes:

  • fix comment enumeration order
  • fix string encoding error when invoking editor which could lead to invalid XML being sent to server

v0.5.4 :: Sun Nov 23 2014

Bug fixes:

  • better error messages on missing server/account configuration (#3)
  • remove fields without name data from bug records (#5)
  • make user and password configuration optional (#12)

v0.5.3.1 :: Sun Nov 24 2013

Bug fixes:

  • fix installation error

v0.5.3 :: Sat Nov 23 2013

Bug fixes:

  • editor: fix incorrect path to vi(1) when EDITOR is not defined (issues/1; reported by @taa1)
  • create command: treat “defaulted” fields as mandatory in case no default is set (issues/2; reported by @taa1)
  • ui: fix some unicode encoding errors
  • fields command: handle minor changes in result format in 4.4
  • correct the name of the platform field (platform -> rep_platform)

Other changes:

  • expand bzr plugin documentation

v0.5.2 :: Tue Feb 7 2012

New features:

  • priority command: set the priority of the given bugs.
  • comment command learned the --which argument, for limiting output to only the given comment(s).
  • search learned the --version argument.
  • edit command: edit the product version of a bug.

Bug fixes:

  • search command: fix crash when zero bugs returned

Other changes:

  • -V replaces --version for displaying program version information.

v0.5.1 :: Tue Jan 10 2012

Bug fixes:

  • new command: fix assigned_to user matching.

v0.5 :: Tue Jan 3 2012

New features:

  • search command: search for bugs matching given criteria.
  • history command: display bug history.
  • new command: new config server.<name>.default_product, if set and if corresponding to a product on the server, specifies the default product.
  • new command: perform user matching when specifying the assignee or cc list during bug creation.

Bug fixes:

  • time command: calculate the hours worked on a bug.

v0.4 :: Wed Nov 30 2011

New features:

  • time command: show or adjust times and estimates for given bug. At time of writing, limitations in Bugzilla’s RPC API prevent the display of cumulative time for a bug.
  • desc command: show the description of the given bugs.
  • dump command: print internal representation of bug(s).
  • comment learned the --omit-empty and --include-empty arguments; exclude or include empty comments (e.g. additional time worked, but no specific comment) from the output. The default is to omit empty comments.
  • The assign command can now be configured (on a per-server basis) to change the status of a bug, using the assign_status option. See README for details.

Bug fixes:

  • Bugzilla URLs are now more rigourously sanity checked.

Other changes:

  • Configuration file syntax changed to ini-like (i.e., parsable by ConfigParser). JSON configuration is no longer supported.

v0.3 :: Sun Aug 7 2011

New features:

  • Added the Bazaar plugin.
  • new command: file a new bug, prompting user for bug data.
  • status learned the --dupe-of argument; this is all that’s needed to mark a bug as a duplicate of another (Bugzilla with automatically set the status and resolution fields to appropriate values).

Bug fixes:

  • status only prompts for resolution if new status is closed and current status is open (--resolution may still be specified, however.)
  • The unused --choose-status and --choose-resolution arguments were removed from status.
  • Fix the index-field width when displaying choose-from lists (was too wide when the number of items displayed was a power of 10)
  • Convert EOFError (^D) into bzlib.ui.RejectWarning when prompting user for input.
  • Don’t bother prompting the user to choose an item from a list that contains only one item.

v0.2.1 :: Tue Jul 12 2011

Bug fixes:

  • Support Unicode data in all commands.
  • Do not show ‘aliases’ heading in --help output if none defined.
  • Add global arguments to subcommand --help output.

v0.2 :: Sat Jul 2 2011

New features:

  • comment now lists bug comments when no comment is given. --forward, --reverse and --limit=N can be used to control output.
  • depend and block commands: show or update bug dependency relationships.
  • cc command: Show or update CC List.
  • fields command: List valid values for bug fields.
  • help command: Show help for a command, or the top-level help if no argument is given.
  • --version prints bugzillatools version.
  • Invoke EDITOR for comment input when comment required but not explicitly provided
  • User matching: For commands that require usernames, instead of providing full username, if a provided fragment matches a single user that user will be used.
  • Command aliases: users can define their own aliases for commands and command arguments.
  • Replace close, fix, reopen and resolve commands with the single status command; commands to suit a particular workflow can be defined as aliases of status, with appropriate arguments.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved server misconfiguration or missing configuration handling.
  • List commands in alphabetical order.

Other changes:

  • The default user configuration file changed to ~/.bugzillarc (formerly ~/.bugrc).

v0.1.2 :: Fri Jun 17 2011

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Bugzilla construction args

v0.1.1 :: Tue Jun 14 2011

New features:

  • products command: list products of a Bugzilla.
  • Describe subcommands in --help output.

Bug fixes:

  • Handle server lookup failure when no servers are defined.

v0.1 :: Sun Jun 12 2011

New features:

  • First release of bugzillatools

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