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Bump (pin/manage) your dependency requirements with ease

Project description


Bump (pin/manage) your dependency requirements with ease

Feature Summary

  • Bumps dependencies in requirements.txt / pinned.txt to latest or specified version

  • Versions are validated against published versions in PyPI

  • Show detailed changelogs for pinned version bumps

  • Automatically pin dependency requirements from detailed changelogs

  • Easily extendible by writing your own bumper class

Quick Start Tutorial

To install:

sudo pip3 install autopip
app install bumper

To bump everything to latest version:

$ cat requirements.txt

$ bump
[INFO] Updated requirements.txt: requests==2.5.1

$ cat requirements.txt

To bump to specific version:

$ bump localconfig==0.5
[ERROR] There are no published versions that satisfies localconfig==0.5
        Please change to match at least one of these: 0.4.1, 0.4.0, 0.3.6, 0.3.5, 0.3.4, 0.3.3, 0.3.2, 0.3.1, 0.3.0, 0.2.9

# Needs quote when using > or < sign they are stdout/in redirects in bash.
$ bump 'localconfig>=0.4' requests==2.5
[INFO] Updated requirements.txt: localconfig>=0.4 requests==2.5

To show details of the bump:

$ bump --detail
[INFO] Checking requests
[INFO] Updated requirements.txt: requests==2.5.1

    **Behavioural Changes**
    + Only catch HTTPErrors in raise_for_status (#2382)
    + Handle LocationParseError from urllib3 (#2344)
    + Handle file-like object filenames that are not strings (#2379)
    + Unbreak HTTPDigestAuth handler. Allow new nonces to be negotiated (#2389)

$ bump
[INFO] No need to bump. Everything is up to date!

In order for details to show, the package’s long_description, docs_url, or url must link to the package’s git/bitbucket repository where CHANGELOG.rst (or its variances: CHANGELOG|CHANGES|HISTORY||txt) can be found at the source root or ‘docs’ folder.

For pinned.txt, it will even pin any requirements from changes:

$ cat pinned.txt

$ bump --dependencies
[INFO] Checking remoteconfig
[INFO] Changes in remoteconfig require: localconfig>=0.4
[INFO] Pinned localconfig==0.4.1, remoteconfig==0.2.4

    * Add py26 testing to tox
    * Use mangled url as file name instead of base64 encode
    * Fix tests
    * Add an example to instantiate another config
    * Raise a more descriptive error when requests.get fails
    * Require localconfig>=0.4
    * Fix API doc
    * Update changelog

Easy and cool, right? :)

Want it to be even easier? Check out the integrated version in workspace-tools that does the commit with the change details for you.


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