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Bump the version in the project files.

Project description

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Bumplus is a command line tool to bump your project version.


Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11


pip install bumplus


Put a TOML file named .bumplus.toml in the top-level directory of your project. This file at least contains the following content:

version = "<current_version>"

See Configuration for more config options.

Command line

cd <project root dir>
bumplus <new_version>

Use bumplus –help to display the help text.


import bumplus
bp = bumplus.Bumplus('<project root dir>')

Example of .bumplus.toml

version = '1.2.3'

search = '''
## Unreleased
replace = '''
## Unreleased

## {{new_version}} - {{utcnow | strftime("%Y-%m-%d")}}

search = '''
search = '''

search = '{{old_version}}'
replace = '{{new_version}}'

search = '{{old_version}}'
replace = '{{new_version}}'



A string that is the current version.


A table which configures all files need to be modified.

Every key is a relative path name. The value of a key is an array of replacement config. Every item of an array is an object which has two keys: search and replace. The value of search is the pattern to be replaced. The value of replace is the new text after replacing.

The contents of search and replace are Jinja2 templates. Several predefined variables can be used in the templates:

  • old_version

  • new_version

  • now

  • utcnow

now and utcnow are Python datetime objects.

The Jinja2 templates also support a custom filter strftime, which is used to format time such as now and utcnow. The format string is the same as the parameter of strftime method of Python datetime object.



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