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Client for transferring data Canadian Astronomy Data Centre

Project description

Canadian Astronomy Data Centre - electronic transfer

cadc-etrans is an application for electronic transfer of data and metadata to the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC). Files to be processed by cadc-etrans are to be placed in one of the following subdirectories of a source directory specified by the user:

  • new - for files expected to be new to the CADC archive. cadc-etrans flags as errors when this is not the case.

  • replaced - for files expected to be in the CADC archive already. cadc-etrans flags it as an error if the files are missing.

  • any - for files whose presence in the CADC archive is not important

cadc-etrans can be configured to perform checks on the names of the files according to provided rules and checks on the type of the file. Files that fail these checks are moved to a rejected subdirectory and grouped according to the type of the encountered error. Users are expected to fix the problems and placed the files back in the source directory for reprocessing.

Files that pass all the verifications are sent to the CADC archive.

NOTE: To ensure that a file is fully received before attempting to transfer it, it must spend a minimum amount of time (5min) in the input directory without being modified/updated prior to its processing.

Functionality of cadc-etrans is configured by modifying the ~/.config/cadc-etrans file.


cadc-etrans is usually used with a crontab. Example below processes files every 15 min.

*/15 * * * * cadc-etrans data --cert /home/auser/.ssl/cadcproxy.pem
-c /home/auser/.config/cadc/dao-namecheck.xml sourcedir

cadc-etrans can backup the transfer logs to a vospace:

0 11 * * * cadc-etrans status -b --cert /home/auser/.ssl/cadcproxy.pem

Docker Usage

To avoid deploying the application environment (e.g. installing fitsverify on the host), the application can be run from a docker container. To build the container, download the content of the directory customize the config files cadc-etrans-config and namecheck.xml and build the container:

cd docker
docker build -t cadcetrans .

To invoke it:

docker run --rm --mount type=bind,source=/tmp/logs,target=/logging
--mount type=bind,source=/tmp/input/,target=/input cadcetrans status


docker run --rm --mount type=bind,source=/tmp/logs,target=/logging
--mount type=bind,source=/tmp/input/,target=/input cadcetrans data

Note the two mounts that are required: one where the transfer logs will be recorded so that they are available outside the container and the other one for the source directory (source=<> part is what needs to be customized to point to directories on the local host.

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cadcetrans-0.9.2.tar.gz (19.1 kB view hashes)

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