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A Python library for reading Caliper .cali files

Project description

caliper-reader: A Python reader for Caliper files

This Python package reads the native .cali files produced by the Caliper performance profiling library.

You can install caliper-reader with pip:

$ pip install caliper-reader

Alternatively, add the python/caliper-reader path in the cloned Caliper repository to PYTHONPATH.


The CaliperReader class reads a Caliper file and then provides its contents in the records and globals class members, where records is a Python list-of-dicts containing the recorded performance data and globals is a Python dict with program metadata about the run. The dicts represent Caliper attribute:value records: the key is the Caliper attribute name; the value is a string or list of strings. The example below prints the avg#inclusive#sum#time.duration metric for every region path in the provided example profile data file:

import caliperreader as cr

r = cr.CaliperReader()'example-profile.cali')

metric = 'avg#inclusive#sum#time.duration'

for rec in r.records:
    path = rec['path'] if 'path' in rec else 'UNKNOWN'
    time = rec[metric] if metric in rec else '0'

    if (isinstance(path, list)):
        path = "/".join(path)

    print("{0}: {1}".format(path, time))

The CaliperReader attributes() function returns the list of Caliper attributes. The attribute() function returns an Attribute object to query metadata for a given Caliper attribute name:

>>> a = r.attribute('avg#inclusive#sum#time.duration')
>>> a.get('attribute.unit')

You can use the read_caliper_contents function as a shortcut to read Caliper data without creating a CaliperReader object:

(records,globals) = cr.read_caliper_contents('example-profile.cali')

Use read_caliper_globals if you only need the global (metadata) record:

globals = cr.read_caliper_globals('example-profile.cali')


Caliper was created by David Boehme,


Caliper is released under a BSD 3-clause license. See LICENSE for details.


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