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An SSH automation tool based on Exscript

Project description


[cannon][1] is a wrapper around [exscript][2] to connect with remote server or network devices with ssh.

Example Usage - Cisco IOS

This script will login, run a few show commands. If you want an interactive session, set interact=True when calling Shell()

import sys

from cannon import Shell, Account
from loguru import logger

log_stderr_id = logger.add(sink=sys.stderr)

@logger.catch(default=True, onerror=lambda _: sys.exit(1))
def main():
    sess = Shell(
        # route-views doesn't need password
        account= Account(name='rviews', password=''),

    sess.execute('term len 0')

    sess.execute('show clock')

    sess.execute('show version')
    version_text = sess.response

    # template is a TextFSM template
    values = sess.execute('show ip int brief',
        template="""Value INTF (\S+)\nValue IPADDR (\S+)\nValue STATUS (up|down|administratively down)\nValue PROTO (up|down)\n\nStart\n  ^${INTF}\s+${IPADDR}\s+\w+\s+\w+\s+${STATUS}\s+${PROTO} -> Record""")
    print("VALUES "+str(values))

Example Usage - Linux

from getpass import getpass
import sys

from cannon.main import Shell, Account

log_stderr_id = logger.add(sink=sys.stderr)

@logger.catch(default=True, onerror=lambda _: sys.exit(1))
def main():
    account = Account("mpenning", getpass("Login password: "))
    conn = Shell(host="", port=22, account=account, driver="generic", debug=0)
    assert conn is not None
    example_tfsm_template = """Value UNAME_LINE (.+)

    print(conn.execute("sudo uname -a", debug=0, template=example_tfsm_template, timeout=2))
    print(conn.execute("whoami", debug=0, template=None, timeout=2))
    #print("FOO2", conn.response)

if __name__=="__main__":

Example test suite setup

  • git clone

  • cd into Exscript/tests/Exscript/protocols and chmod 600 id_rsa

  • exscript spawns a local tests ssh daemon, pytest Exscript/tests/Exscript/protocols/

  • Connect with ssh -i id_rsa -p 1236 user@localhost

  • one command is supported: ls

    [1]: # cannon on pypi [2]: # Exscript on pypi

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