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Tools for comparing different versions of a Capella model

Project description

Capella Diff Tools

Lint Apache 2.0 License Code style: Black Imports: isort

Tools for comparing different versions of a Capella model

Screenshot of the HTML report comparing two versions of the coffee-machine demo model

Quick start

Run the capella-diff-tool with a Git repo and two versions, being either commit hashes or branch names:

capella-diff-tool coffee-machine index-links/base index-links/left
    Missions Capabilities Blank:
      - display_name: '[MCB] Capabilities'
        uuid: _J1uyIFucEe2iJbuWznnyfw
    System Architecture Blank:
      - display_name: '[SAB] make coffee'
        uuid: _MWuNkFuvEe2iJbuWznnyfw
    System Data Flow Blank:
      - display_name: '[SDFB] make coffee'
        uuid: _FOutoFujEe2iJbuWznnyfw
    path: git+
    author: martinlehmann
    date: 2023-09-27 14:31:03+02:00
    description: 'fix: Inflation is real, we cannot afford real coffee [skip ci]'
    hash: 908a6b909dcdc071ffc0c424502d8f47d82d9f49
    revision: index-links/left
    author: martinlehmann
    date: 2023-09-27 14:30:47+02:00
    description: 'refactor: Fragment out SA and OA [skip ci]'
    hash: cb0918af3df822344a80eda3fef6463bcf4c36f3
    revision: index-links/base
      - attributes:
            current: make black water
            previous: make coffee
        display_name: make black water
        uuid: 8b0d19df-7446-4c3a-98e7-4a739c974059

The CLI's first argument accepts the name of a known model, a local folder, or JSON describing a remote model. Currently it only supports Git, but a Python API is available for more advanced comparisons.

The capella-diff-tool can also generate a human-friendly report in HTML form. Use the -r / --report flag and specify a filename to write the HTML report:

capella-diff-tool coffee-machine index-links/base index-links/left -r coffee-machine.html


You can install the latest released version directly from PyPI.

pip install capella-diff-tools

To set up a development environment, clone the project and install it into a virtual environment.

git clone
cd capella-diff-tools
python -m venv .venv

source .venv/bin/  # for Linux / Mac
.venv\Scripts\activate  # for Windows

pip install -U pip pre-commit
pip install -e '.[docs,test]'
pre-commit install

API Documentation

The capella_diff_tools Python package exposes a Python API, which can be used to compare arbitrary models programmatically. Documentation for this API is available on Github pages.


We'd love to see your bug reports and improvement suggestions! Please take a look at our guidelines for contributors for details.


This project is compliant with the REUSE Specification Version 3.0.

Copyright DB Netz AG, licensed under Apache 2.0 (see full text in LICENSES/Apache-2.0.txt)

Dot-files are licensed under CC0-1.0 (see full text in LICENSES/CC0-1.0.txt)

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