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Wrapper for The Central Bank of the Russian Federation site API

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Wrapper for The Central Bank of the Russian Federation site API

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Site and API of The Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


Stable version:

    pip install cbrf

Dev version:

    git clone
    cd cbrf
    pip install -e .


For using with your own hostname set environment variables, for example

export CBRF_URL_SCHEME=https

How to use


To get raw XML answers you should use cbrf.api methods:

>>> import cbrf

>>> cbrf.get_currencies_info()
<Element 'Valuta' at 0x10b91f688>

>>> cbrf.get_daily_rates()
<Element 'ValCurs' at 0x10b82b9a8>

>>> date_1 = datetime(2001, 3, 2)
>>> date_2 = datetime(2001, 3, 14)
>>> get_dynamic_rates(date_req1=date_1, date_req2=date_2, currency_id='R01235')
<Element 'ValCurs' at 0x1107017c8>


You can use base models for work with API (see examples in the tests).


>>> from cbrf.models import CurrenciesInfo

>>> c_info = CurrenciesInfo()
>>> c_info.get_by_id("R01305").name
'Ирландский фунт'
>>> c_info.get_by_id("R01305").eng_name
'Irish Pound'


>>> from cbrf.models import DailyCurrenciesRates

>>> daily = DailyCurrenciesRates()
datetime.datetime(2017, 3, 11, 0, 0)
>>> daily.get_by_id('R01035').name
'Фунт стерлингов Соединенного королевства'
>>> daily.get_by_id('R01035').value


>>> from cbrf.models import DynamicCurrenciesRates

>>> date_1 = datetime(2001, 3, 2)
... date_2 = datetime(2001, 3, 14)
... id_code = 'R01235'
>>> dynamic_rates = DynamicCurrenciesRates(date_1, date_2, id_code)
>>> dynamic_rates.get_by_date(datetime(2001, 3, 8)).value

Also, you can show DEBUG info, by setting logger level to DEBUG in your code:

import logging


Linting & Tests

To run lint & tests:

make lint
make tests

You should install pytest first


Bug reports, bug fixes, and new features are always welcome. Please open issues, and submit pull requests for any new code.

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